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Hi kids! Today Baby Xavi Unboxing and Assembling The POWER Wheel Ride on excavator, this is toys for children and kids, Xavi read colors and pretend play with story: "Xavi play fishing game with colorful fish, then play crane car toy. Then Xavi opened a very large box. That's the The POWER Wheel Ride on excavator. Then Xavi assembled, and drive away. " Assembling LEGO Disney cars 3 Unboxing and Assembling school bus slide: Unboxing and Assembling TAYO bus roof car ride on: Unboxing and Assembling Playhouse: Assembling Toy Train Playset: Assembling videos playlist: Learn colors for children playlist: Please subscribe to see more upcoming #Kidsvideos with #XaviABCKids =) Help me translate into your language: Xavi ABCKids is a channel for entertainment, Education videos (Educational), Nursery rhymes for Kids, children, Preschool & Babies. Baby Xavi playing and learning with Family. #Xaviassembling #Xavipretendplay #assemblingexcavator #POWERWheelRideon. 뽀로로 짜장면 먹고 싶은 국민이 끼야 모기! 장난감 인기동요 마트놀이 주방놀이 요리놀이 하면서 짜장 먹방 해요. #뽀로로 #마트놀이 #요리놀이#주방놀이 #짜장 #짜장면 #장난감 #놀이 Pororo Noodle pretend play Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs for children with toys with MariAndKids. * 어린이 뽀로로 장난감 놀이 전체영상을 보기 원하시면 아래 주소를 클릭해 주세요. ▶ Copyright ⓒ 2016 MarIDEA MariAndKids (Creator DWHK) All Rights Reserved. 해당 영상의 저작권은 마리디아 말이야와 아이들에게 있습니다. 이 영상을 공유하는 것은 가능하나 허가 없이 변경 배포는 불가합니다.

Mascha und der Bär Unboxing: Bärenhaus, Krankenwagen & Masha and the Bear Spielzeugautos für Kinder deutsch. Heute werden Spielsachen ausgepackt. Viel Spaß: ) ++++++++++ Die Spielsachen wurde freundlicherweise (Bis auf das russische Bärenhaus) von Simba kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt. Vielen Dank: ) ++++++++++ Produktbeschreibung: Masha Spielset "Bärenhaus": Mit dem Mascha und der Bär "Bärenhaus" Spielset taucht man ein in die Welt von der kleinen Mascha und dem grummeligen Bär. Durch die große Tür gelangt man in das Haus des Bären. Sounds: FreeSound. org ___________________________________ Kontaktadresse Business Inquiries: kinderspielzeugkanal@web. de ___________________________________. Funny Tema and Mommy Pretend Play and ride on cars, Sportbike. The Power Wheels cars broken down Best cars video for kids. #TPlay #toys #kids #powerwheels #rideon #sportbike #cars #forkids #funnytema Other video about toys, cars from the channel T-Play - T-Play Instagram - If you enjoy this video Please don't forget to subscribe to T-Play - Композиция "Ice Flow" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (Оригинальная версия: Исполнитель.

Join Blippi at an indoor play place. You'll learn movements and verbs like skip, jump, roll, run and more with Blippi at the indoor playground! In this video your children will also learn colors with Blippi. Watch more Blippi videos at Full Blippi playlist. Thomas Train Tayo the Little Bus saw the Giant Bug in the cave. Tayo Bus be careful. My channel Ly LY ToysReview: Playlists: Ly LY ToysReview: ♥ Don't forget to like, comment on, share and subscribe to my channel ♥ Subscribe: ♥ Facebook: ♥ Google+: #tayo #Mcqueen #LyLYToysReview Thank you for watching!

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