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Relaxing Music for Children of all ages. Perfect for Quiet Time, Meditation, Yoga and also for Nap Time and Night time sleeping. Get your children to Unwind with this Calming & Relaxing Music. Soothing music to get your child to sleep easily and peacefully. Babies, toddlers or older kids. Can be used at nap time and night time. 🎵Lovely Music by Jordan Jessep 💜🎵 👉MINDFUL KIDS share with you: Bedtime music, sleep music for kids, lullaby for babies, sleep music for babies, mindfulness for kids, naptime music, get your child to sleep, music box lullaby, meditation and relaxation for kids of all ages. As parents of small children, we have experienced how helpful and effective it is to use music that is specially created to get our kids to relax and sleep more easily. And of course, using music that has a positive impact that empowers our precious ones. Just click play and let the soothing and relaxing tones do the work. We really hope our channel creates much value for you and all who connects with us. We would LOVE for you to subscribe to this channel. Your support is an act of kindness that we deeply appreciate. It helps us reach more people and creating a positive impact in the lives of many. You are Appreciated. From Our Hearts to Yours, Britt Mari & Kenneth & Our Amazing Children Adrian & Mira 💞.

Sweet music and beautiful pictures ♥♥♥♥ Here you will find original of this movie: For more lullabies please visit: Copyrights by Uploadre79. Make bedtime a breeze and put your baby, toddler, kids, children or yourself quickly to a deep, sound and relaxing sleep with 2 hours of super soothing and calming "Hush Little Baby". Super sweet and soft sounding orchestral musicbox lullaby, hushaby, nursery rhyme, baby song. I hope you enjoy it: -)! Thanks so much for listening and your support! If you like my channel please subscribe: You can download most of my music on soundcloud for free: Social Media: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Download my Music on Soundcloud: Follow me on Instagram: wonderfullullabies More lullaby videos: 1 Hour Mozart and Brahms Lullabies: 8 Hours Brahms Lullaby: 8 Hours Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: 8 Hours Musicbox Lullaby: Listening to soothing bedtime music is a perfect way to get your baby, youngster or even yourself to a deep and relaxing sleep. Playing soft music without harsh tones at a low volume improves sleep quality and duration. New lullabies and calssical music are uploaded regularly. pics, video and animation by bigstockphoto and cutestockfootage Music recorded and Produced by: © Wonderful Lullabies. All rights reserved.

BRAHMS LULLABY for babies to go to sleep Live streaming. The video includes baby lullaby songs go to sleep suitable for newborns, children, preschoolers, teenagers and adults. ▶️ Subscribe to Lullaby World here ► ► Why should your baby listen to lullabies: More recent research has shown that lullabies can have beneficial effects on physiological functioning and development in premature infants. The element of a slow, repetitive entrained rhythm can regulate sucking behavior. Infants have a natural tendency to entrain to the sounds that surround them. Beat perception begins during fetal development in the womb and infants are born with an innate musical preference. The element of lullaby sounds can regulate infant heart rate, quiet-alert states, and sleep. Lullabies can also enhance parent-child bonding, thus decreasing parental stress associated with the intensive care. In short, lullabies induce relaxation, rest, comfort, and optimal growth and development. ► Lullabies in classical music: Lullabies written by established classical composers are often given the form-name berceuse, which is French for lullaby, or cradle song. The most famous lullaby is the one by Johannes Brahms ("Wiegenlied", 1868, ► ). While there has been no confirmation, there are many strong arguments that Brahms suffered from a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. It is speculated (based on lullabies' utility as a sleep aid) that this was part of his inspiration for composing "Wiegenlied. " Chopin's Opus 57 is a berceuse for solo piano ( ► ). ► Popular uploads playlist: ▶️ Facebook ►.

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