2 Hours Awesome Rainy Night Hypnotic Bedtime Story

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Hello my name is Jody and welcome to this video Rainy Night Mood Hypnotic Bedtime Story. Let's begin be getting comfortable. As I talk about your comfort for a moment or two, this gives you time to put yourself in your most comfortable position and adjust your pillows, blankets, and whatever it is you would like to arrange just perfect so you can be completely ready to enjoy your story before it begins. Once you have positioned yourself just the way you would like to be and before the story begins it might be a good idea to do some short relaxation exercises to make sure you are fully relaxed and as comfortable as you possibly can be. As we relax together just a little bit more with each moment that passes you may also like to relax your mind very deeply and allow yourself to drift into a light trance or into hypnosis where your senses and imagination can be enhanced so you can bring yourself completely into this story where you can be happy and relaxed and then bed down somewhere cosy and warm while you drift off to sleep. To help get you in the mood it could be nice to do a few short relaxation exercises and if this idea is not appealing to you that's okay, you may simply relax and let me do all the work for you as you allow my instructions to fade into the background and not be the centre of your awareness. You may relax very deeply just the same as there will always be a part of your mind awake and aware of what is going on even if you fall asleep. And this story is intended to help you do just that. Be relaxed and entertained as you drift off into a long sound deep sleep where you may enjoy interesting dreams. Deep relaxation is best begun by focusing just for a moment on the breathing so you can feel better than you do now, right now, by focusing on your breathing and taking at least one nice deep long breath in, holding it for a few seconds, and then slowly letting it go. If you like how this feels you may like to take another deep breath and repeat the process. You can take as many deep breaths as you would like to and then just allow your breathing to settle in to a deep slow and relaxed easy rhythm somewhat like if you were already deeply asleep and this will help you sink deeper into relaxation and come just a little bit closer to sleep. another fun little trick you can do to help your mind slow down, relax, and be ready to become the main character in this sleepy little fairytale is to imagine the sound of my voice is making word pictures in your imagination and you can see these words forming sentences and scrolling across an imaginary screen seeing this with your mind's eye. These words forming letters and sentences scrolling across can be any colour or font you would like. You could see these words as little and far away or big and close up. However you would like to do it will do just fine. if you would like to move on to something else you could just listen to the music playing softly in the background and rest your attention there. right now it doesn't really matter if you pay attention to what I am saying or not. just your deep relaxation and a quiet still happy mind are the most important things to work on so you don't have to think about anything or try to figure anything out you can simply take this time for yourself to relax and enjoy drifting off to sleep. if at any time you become tired or sleepy this is just wonderful and you can give yourself permission at any time to drift off deeper and deeper into the most deep and comfortable sleep you have had in a long time. another great way to allow yourself to go deeper now and feel even more comfortable is to take just a moment.

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