Kooky Car Wash & the Wacky + Crazy Car Stores

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Our silly workers Jason and Lucy are competing for every new customer that comes their way! Business is slow and Karen is ready to shop for new toys. Will these pretend toy stores ever make any money? Sure they have all of the new toys, but they must compete to stay open! Music Credits: "Forever Friend" by Matt Wigton courtesy of Soundstripe "No Exit" by Caleb Harris courtesy of Soundstripe "Edge of Discovery" by Matt Wigton courtesy of Soundstripe "Bar Fight" by Stephen Keech courtesy of Soundstripe "Let's Go Outside" by Be Still the Earth courtesy of Soundstripe "BLVD" by Rian Ball courtesy of Soundstripe "Hello World" by Valdi Sabev courtesy of Soundstripe "Just Take my Money" by Caleb Harris courtesy of Soundstripe "Let's Get Pumped" by Caleb Harris courtesy of Soundstripe "909" by Shane Becker courtesy of Soundstripe "Funky Footwork" by Triads courtesy of Soundstripe "Hysterical" by Adrian Walther courtesy of Soundstripe "Mystery" by Stephen Keech courtesy of Soundstripe "Elephant in the Room" by Much Kaka courtesy of Soundstripe "Summer Camp" by New Wave Sounds courtesy of Soundstripe "Novacane" by Stephen Keech courtesy of Soundstripe "Detroit Muscle" by Chris Rattie courtesy of Soundstripe "Boom Boom! " by Chris Rattie courtesy of Soundstripe "Take a Look at These Hands" by Adrian Walther courtesy of Soundstripe.

I think the most requested boxfort is the Hospital and it's finally ready! I hope all of you are going to love this! Thanks so much for such a wonderful suggestion guys! I have always wanted to be a doctor so that I can help the sick get better. Have fun watching and take care: ) Love, Bug ________________________________________________________________. The entire staff at the Toy Hotel has a special surprise in store for Addy today. All of her friends: Stela, Sophia, Avery and Charlotte are over to celebrate a #HatchyBirthday party of a lifetime for Addy. Thanks to Spin Master for sponsoring this video and providing all sorts of fun Hatchimals themed party decor and decorations, including: plates, napkins, cups and a huge birthday present stuffed full of new Season 3 CollEGGtibles, Hatchimals Flavored Lip Gloss, Hatchimals Fabula Forest, the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Secret Scene and much more! What a fun time these silly kids are going to have at the Toy Hotel today! Check out @Hatchimals at and at all major retailers! Music Credits: Once in a Lifetime by Sounds Like Sander South Coast by Aaron Sprinkle To the Races by Fantoms Everybody's Here! by Triads Bill Murray by Dresden, the Flamingo Take Em by Caleb Harris Clock Talk by Neon Beach Rule the World by Alter Ego Tiki Beach by Triads Up in the Clouds by TituS Paper Planes by Sea Shepherd In the Dark by Mikey Geiger Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds Dalutional by Kick Lee Lets Get Pumped by Caleb Harris Escape by OBOY Bubble Tea by Fantoms Pool Party by New Wave Sounds Coconut Island by Triads The Best of Times by Dresden, the Flamingo New Horizons by Rhythm Scott Sunny Street by Triads Life with You by Matt Wigton All I Wanna Do by Paper Planet.

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