Wrong Dress PJ Masks Funny Alien Dance #Dametucosita Learn Colors for Kids

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Learning Colors Vs Alien Dance Funny Kids and Dame tu Cosita Dance #DameTuCosita Subscribe Fizzy: - Hi Kids! Welcome to Fizzy TV! We love making super fun, kid-friendly videos for you! This Channel is Learn Colors, Learn Numbers, Learn Alphabet, Learn Shapes, Learn Play Doh, Kinetic sand, Surprise Eggs, Kinder Eggs, Chocolate, and you can sing with so many great song for kids as Finger Family Song, Jonhy Jonhy Yes Papa, Baby Shark, and a lot of nursery rhymes Song. Some of our favorite things include is fun Spiderman, frozen elsa, frozen anna, Pj Masks, Paw Patrol and have more Lightning McQueen, Blind Bags, Hello Kitty (meow) Sofia the First, Masha and Bear, Despicable me, Minions, Ladybug and chat noir, Mickey Mouse, And etc etc We alway hear and alway hear more about you and what YOU like! DON'T FORGET NEW VIDEOS EVERYDAY! Making Learning Make you fun! Danh mục Giải trí. Colors for Children to Learn w Spiderman Surprise Toys Wild Animals and Cars 3D + Best Videos for Kids: - Subscribe: - Google Plus: - Twitter: - Facebook: #learncolors, #colors, #spiderman Please like share and Subscribe. Thanks for Watching!

The Pj Masks Toys! Headquarters! Full Episodes in Disney Channel! Pj Masks Episodes in English! on This Video Season 1: Episode 13: Catboy! VS. Robo-Cat - Thanks for watching: ) RGB COLORS: Be sure to Subscribe, Like and Comment for more Videos: 💖 Subscribe To New Episodes: 💖 Check out my channel for more Funny Videos RGB COLORS: For copyright matters please contact us at: sams5game@gmail - ‘It’s time to be a hero! ’ so grab your super hero pyjamas and join the PJ Masks! CONNOR aka ‘CATBOY’ ‘Furballs! ’ Here comes Catboy! When Connor needs to fight crime, the fearless leader of The PJ masks transforms into Catboy! Thanks to his cool feline skills, he has super hearing using his Cat Ears, can leap super high and super far using his Super Cat Jump and sprints fast using Super Cat Speed. Armed with all these skills plus a super cool Cat Car, Catboy really is ready for everything and on hand to help save the day! AMAYA aka OWLETTE ‘Fluttering feathers! ” Here comes Owlette! When Amaya transforms into Owlette she has a cool red cape that can magically turn into Super Owl Wings so she can fly through the night sky. Luckily she also has Owl Eyes which help her to be able to spot villains in the dark who are up to no good. She swoops through the sky fighting crime using her cool Owl Glider and is an awesome member of The PJ Masks. GREG aka GEKKO ‘Leaping lizards! ’ Here comes Gekko! Gekko is the youngest member of The PJ Masks and transforms into a cool green reptile! He can use his Super Gekko Camouflage to change colour and blend into the background, use his Super Gekko Muscles to lift heavy things, Super Lizard Grip to climb walls and Super Lizard Water Run to help him walk on water! And when he needs to get to the bottom of things, he can rely on his cool Gekko-Mobile, his amazing underwater car! THE NIGHTIME VILLAINS ROMEO Romeo is one of the nighttime villains and a crazy inventor and scientist who drives his mobile laboratory throughout the city determined to beat the PJ Masks and take over the world! NIGHT NINJA The Night Ninja is a mysterious nighttime villain who controls a bunch of minions called the ‘Ninjalinos. ’ They are more than happy to do their masters dirty work but their plans are always foiled by The PJ Masks! LUNA GIRL Flying through the night skies on her ‘Luna Board’ is Luna Girl, a clever nighttime villain who can control things with her Luna Magnet. This mysterious nocturnal baddie is followed by a swarm of Luna Moths who help her in her dastardly deeds.

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