Peppa Pig Compilation: Peppa Pig House Boat, Peppa Pig Magical Jelly Beans, Peppa Pig Happy Family

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Peppa Pig: Pepa Pig Halloween Adventures, Peppa House Decorating, Peppa Pig Costume Parade Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig Halloween Pumpkin Farm: Peppa Pig Happy Family House and Thomas the Train Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig Halloween Costume Parade: Peppa Pig Happy Family House and Balloon Ride If you like this video, please let us know and subscribe for more on Princess Fun Place. Thank you! Peppa Pig is very excited because they are going to decorate their NEW house for Halloween. First, Daddy Pig have to look for the Halloween decorations everywhere and then he remembers that he put them in the attic last year. After he gets all the Halloween stuff to the front yard, the whole Peppa Pig family starts to decorate. They have so much fun, but then Peppa Pig see that they have no pumpkins. So Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig and little George hop into their car and drive to a pumpkin patch farm. They pick the best pumpkins and carve them. George's and Peppa's Halloween pumpkins look very scary. Farmer likes them so much he gives Peppa and George two little bonus pumpkins. Then it is time to go and farmer calls Thomas the Train to deliver the pumpkins to Peppa's House. Mommy Pig puts finishing touches to their Halloween house. Kids from the whole neighborhood came to see it. Peppa Pig family is so happy! They have the best Halloween house ever! The next day, Peppa Pig is going to a Halloween Costume Parade. Peppa Pig tries three costumes and decides that she is going to be a Little Red Riding Hood. George is a ghost and Daddy Pig is a king. Mommy Pig is little unsure, but kids loves her pumpkin costume. When they get to the Halloween Costume Parade, all friends are already there. They all have an amazing and scary costumes. Ms. Rabbit introduces all participants. All kids win a ride on a Balloon Ride and get a lots of candy in a game. Peppa Pig and her friends have a lots of fun today!

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