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🐻 New amazing toys at Toys'R'Us: Best cartoon compilation! Cooking and eating in the kitchen with Masha! 🍯 Recipe for Disaster (Masha i Kasha) 🍽 The Bear plays checkers. Masha interrupts him asking to feed her. The Bear cooks some porridge for her. But Masha doesn’t like it. The Bear goes off in a huff. Masha decides to cook porridge herself. But soon the porridge swells out. All the forest inhabitants will remember this day for long… 🍭 La Dolce Vita 🍦 Masha wants some sweets but first she has to transform the Bear's kitchen into a candy-making factory. As we all know, such sweet life means trouble and soon Masha gets a toothache. There is a lesson for all children who love sweets - take very good care of your teeth! 🍜 Bon appétit 🍴 Panda - the Bear’s distant relative pays one more visit to the Bear. They start making Chinese dumplings, but then Masha appears, with her own methods of cooking. And a simple cooking turns into a culinary master class with butterflies! 🍒 Jam Day 🍎 The Bear decides to harvest berries and to cook jam. This idea is literally up to Masha’s taste. She tries everything. Afterwards she decides to play an astronaut by putting a glass jar on her head. The Bear tries to get her head out of the container and eventually he succeeds only to discover his own paw inside the same jar. He spends the remaining day in attempts to free his hand. Official website: Like us on Facebook: Follow Masha on Instagram: With kindness and comedy in its heart, the show follows the adventures of a little girl Masha and her friend, The Bear. Their relationship is a metaphor of how a child interacts with the big world and how an adult can aid with this difficult task. Masha is a restless little girl who can hardly stand still due to her endless energy - everything she comes into contact with must be tried on! She's friendly beyond description and treats everyone like she's known them for ages. Her curiosity and creativeness causes funny adventures. The cartoon became a hit for families around the globe, due to its smart ability in entertaining and educating both children and parents. Although there's no such thing as direct teaching, Masha and the Bear enlightens children about real friendship, care, freedom of creativity and basic skills in a funny and smart manner. Masha and The Bear playlist.

Download episodes: In this compilation of the My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon My Red Crane, Morphle morphs into all sorts of things like a crane. vehicles, dinosaurs, animals and a robot. 'My Magic Pet Morphle' is an animated hit tv show for toddlers and older kids. But because of it's fun colors and sounds it is even popular with babies. Morphle can morph into anything his human companion Mila wants. From dinosaus to cars, construction vehicles like diggers, dumptrucks and cranes to pets like cats dogs and lions! All our episodes have an educational core to them so that your kids can learn about things like shapes, numbers and colors. Please subscribe to our channel. We upload a new Morphle episode at least once a week! -. Hey kids be ready to be amazed by the antics of Cat and Keet in "Cute Cat And Parrot Show for Kids #1, " a funny and hilarious cartoon compilation video for children. Watch how Dunk builds a house for little birds and how Keet takes care of eggs. To subscribe Chotoonz Channel, click here: Watch more Episodes on Roku: Welcome to the official Chotoonz You tube channel! Subscribe and watch new funny episodes here. Enjoy the hilarious comedy in #RataTat on everyday Chotoonz Specials on Every Wednesdays For more Cartoons: Chotoonz Daily Motion: Check Out our New Girls Channel here: Chotoonz Wonder Girl Chotoonz is now available in Turkish: Chotoonz TV Türkçe Çizgi Film Join here: Our Pre-school Channel Baby Toonz TV: Chotoonz Spanish: Chotoonz Deutschland TV: For Chinese Audience Chotoonz Mandarin Chotoonz can also be found on these pages: Chotoonz TV is a complete Online Kids Cartoon Channel. Chotoonz has the best content for kids featuring characters from shows such as Rat-A-Tat, one of the best slapstick comedy cartoon series, Cat and Keet, Om Nom, 3 Rabbits, Chai Chai, Tooth Fairies amongst others. You can watch all episodes for free. Come visit us at chotoonz. tv.

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