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Subscribe to ToyBus ►► Baby Panda's Cooking Competition, Super Panda Rescue Team, Dinosaur Story Kids Toys Story ToyBus Enjoy! ^_^ ToyBus Kids Toys Story Baby Doll Play: -About ToyBus- Welcome to the official “ToyBus” channel on YouTube! Join us in discovering, collecting cool toys, dolls and finding interesting stories with toys! Kids cooking toys, kids occupation pretend play, kids play in indoor playground, kids with car toys, makeup tutorial for kids, dinosaur story, kids in the swimming pool, kids making yummy desserts, kids in all kids of play places, play doh fruits, play doh animals, play doh, how to make foods, unboxing toys and more funny toys! LOL big surprise custom ball opening featuring "Shimmer and Shine". We customized the LOL big surprise doll ball and made it into a Shimmer and Shine Big Surprise ball with lots of toys, activities, games, and surprises inside. Check out which surprises we added in this Big Surprise LOL ball. #lolsurprise #lol #lolbigsurprise #lolsurprisedolls #lolsurprisecustom #lolbigsurprisecustom #shimmerandshine #shimmerandshinetoys #shimmerandshinetoys ♥ More Awesome Custom LOL Big Surprise Balls ♥ LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball MY LITTLE PONY MOVIE 2017: LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening SHOPKINS: LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir: LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY Trolls: LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY The Powerpuff Girls: LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY "Hello Kitty": LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY "Littlest Pet Shop": LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY Lego Friends City Building: LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Opening DIY "Barbie": ♥ Toy Caboodle is AWESOME ♥ Toy Caboodle is a YouTube channel dedicated to bring kids daily videos, of all ages. We enjoy drawing, coloring, crafting, customizing dolls, and most of all we love unboxing toys of all varieties. We provide reviews on toys from Disney, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nick Junior, Playhouse Disney, Moose Toys, and Hasbro Toys. We provide blind bag surprises, egg surprises, and playdoh eggs. We also love My Little Pony, Shopkins, Barbies, Lalaloopsy, Play Doh, dolls of all varieties and so much much more! You will find lots of variety here @ Toy Caboodle! Thank you for watching Toy Caboodle! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel to get new videos on our toy reviews! -Stay Sweet ♥ Check us out ♥ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ❤️ Toy Review in languages ❤️ oбзор каналов игрушка, Spielzeug schreiben, opinión juguete, 장난감 검토 채널, canal de opinión juguete, おもちゃのレビューチャンネル, avis de jouets, opinión juguete, игрушка отзыв, 玩具審查, dib u eegista toy.

Shimmer and Shine is my favorite TV show! I know you guys love these looks so I did a video with my 3 favorite looks! This video has makeup, hair and costumes for Shimmer, Shine, Leah and Zeta. Don't forget to check out my website to find out where you can get the costumes and makeup I used: Website: thedayadaily You guys are the best! XOXO Daya Give this video a THUMBS UP if you LIKE it! And SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more makeup looks! Subscribe to my little brother's channel! *Subscribe to Kasens Kid TV! Send Letters Here: The Daya Daily P. O. Box 571650 Salt Lake City, UT 84157 Princess Makeup Tutorials Daya's Favorite Videos *Connect With Us* Email: thedayadaily@gmail PopJam: @thedayadaily Facebook: The Daya Daily Website: thedayadaily *A full list of products will be on our website! * Here are the costumes we got: *This is not a sponsored video. All products and opinions are my own! All songs used in this video were free from the audio library. #shimmerandshine #kidscostumes #kidscosplay #thedayadaily.

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