❤8 HOURS❤ Luigi Boccherini - Minuet ♫♫♫ Lullaby for babies to go to sleep ♫♫♫ Classical Music Box

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❤ 8 HOURS ❤ Piano Peace Music for Babies brain development - ♫♫♫ Classical Piano Music for Babies ♫♫♫. ❤8 HOURS❤ Johannes Brahms - Wiegenlied Lullaby ♫♫♫ Classical Music Box For Babies To Go To Sleep & Brain Development ♫♫♫. Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs from Dave and Ava 📲 Download Dave and Ava's App for iOS ► and Android ► Subscribe now for new nursery rhymes - 🎺 Watch our collection of non-stop nursery rhymes at If you like this video, share it Are you ready to watch nursery rhymes non-stop? Get the whole family together to sing along with Dave and Ava! Today we are going to follow the adventure of Little Bunny Foo Foo, master some Phonics with Oscar the Kitten, have a fun ride on our famous yellow bus and lots more. Stay tuned! Watch more nursery rhymes from Dave and Ava: One Little Finger Cartoon Animation Nursery Rhymes & Songs for Children Dave and Ava 👍 Nursery Rhymes Collection: Brush Your Teeth Healthy Habits Songs Kids Songs from Dave and Ava👍 Please like and share to show your support! Our social media profiles: #daveandava #daveandavanurseryrhymes #nurseryrhymes #nurseryrhyme #preschool #kidssongs #kids #preschool #babysongs #baby #singalong #singalongsong #kidsrhymes #toddlers Copyright Dave and Ava LTD © 2018. All rights reserved.

❤8 HOURS Lullaby for babies to go to sleep❤ Schumann - Träumerei ♫♫♫ Classical Music For Babies Brain Development ~ Music Box ♫♫♫. [Update] There is now a new version of Baby's Music Box Lullabies on Youtube with a completely new list of songs! Check it out here: Baby's Music Box Lullabies is a collection of soothing nursery lullaby songs played with a traditional music box. It is accompanied by an animated mobile of stars traveling slowly across the night sky. Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere to help your child or infant to drift to sleep. This Youtube exclusive video features a playlist of fifteen nostalgic lullaby classics at a running total of twenty-four minutes. It includes renditions of works by such timeless composers as Johannes Brahms, Johann Pachelbel, Ludwig van Beethoven, J. S. Bach, and others. Below is a complete listing of the lullabies featured in this video. 1. Brahm's Lullaby (00: 06) 2. Pachelbel's Canon (02: 25) 3. Toyshop (04: 39) 4. Hush Little Baby (06: 32) 5. Mary Had a Little Lamb (07: 50) 6. Chopsticks (08: 52) 7. At Sea (10: 06) 8. Frere Jacques (12: 09) 9. Fur Elise (13: 05) 10. Joy (14: 09) 11. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (15: 53) 12. Silent Night (16: 54) 13. The Monkey (18: 27) 14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (20: 14) 15. Bach's Prelude (21: 28) If you would like to download Baby's Music Box Lullabies then TykeTunes has put the whole album for sale for through Bandcamp at the low price of $5. 00. Check it out here: The tracks in this video are available for both commercial and non-commercial licensing. Would you like to use these lullabies in your film or other project? Contact me at the following email to negotiate licensing terms that match your needs. jabackf@yahoo You can find more information about me and my music on my personal web page: I also sell stock audio through a wonderful company called AudioJungle: You can also find more of my work on my Youtube channel: If you like my music, please don't forget to hit the Like button and leave me a comment! You can also subscribe by clicking this link: http: youtube subscription_c.

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