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Learn how to make a minature glass, cup, mug or jar and tiny fruit lemon, kiwi and orange slices ♡ by Yolanda Meow ♡, to play with your dolls, to decorate a dollhouse or just because you like miniatures! ♡ They all can be actually filled: -D ♡ Ask an adult for help and supervision when making them. ♡ Visit my channel to watch more Yolanda Meow ♡ DIY tutorials: ♡ Click here to subscribe to Yolanda Meow ♡ Channel: ♡ Tips: - To create the first glass, the glue gun must be at high temperature, and if you want to fill it the base must totally fit and, of course, be very well sticked. - I use instant glue. - I show you four methods: first and second ones are easier and their results are really cute, third and fourth methods also get good and really cute results but take into account that the cap and pen are hard to cut. - On the other hand, take into account that you can get a lot of tiny glasses and cups around yourself from several types of caps and pens different to the ones that I showed you in the video, so just look around and be creative! ♡ To make the straws, visit this tutorial: ♡ & Learn how to make the water pitcher here: Hope you liked and enjoyed it! ♡.

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