Cup full of sweets - Nursery rhymes for babies

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Hi, today i show you learn colors with cars for babies. I will sing to you finger family song and M&Ms candy. Subscribe to channel. Hi, today i show you sweets for kids and nursery rhymes finger family for baby. Subscribe to channel. Join Ryan ToysReview for fun pretend play kid morning routine and night routine expectation vs reality! Let us know if any of the routine matches yours? Colors for Children to Learn w Spiderman Play Doh and Cars Trucks 3D for Kids.

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Huge Finger Family Collection of Autumn 2015 All The Sweets Are Here Lollipops Red ball Sweet candy Super candy Candy marmellad Long ice cream Heart ice cream Chocolate ice cream 3D chocolates Caramels 3d wooden apple Ice cream with lamb, puppy Juices Balloons Diamond candy Gorilla Skeleton Bear Lyrics of Finger Family Song Daddy finger, daddy finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. How do you do? Mommy finger, Mommy finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. How do you do? Brother finger, Brother finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. How do you do? Sister finger, Sister finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. How do you do? Baby finger, Baby finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. How do you do?

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