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Learn Shapes with Wooden Truck Toy - Colors and Shapes Videos Collection for Children 00: 00 - Learn Shapes with Wooden Truck Toy 02: 58 - Learn Colors with Wooden Ball Hammer Educational Toys 05: 40 - Learn Shapes with 3D Bowling Game 07: 40 - Learn Colors with Car Parking Toys 10: 55 - Learn Shapes with Preschool Wooden Toy Train 12: 14 - Learn Colors with 3D Ice Cream Cones 15: 43 - Learn Shapes with 3D Candy Surprise Eggs 17: 42 - Colors for Children to Learn with Toy Trains 20: 42 - Learn Shapes Names with Baby Wooden Shapes Toys Set = Video: Copyright 2016 Little Brain Works =. Learn shapes and colors as we transform Paw Patrol toys using Surprise Bag, showing "Wrong" and "Right" through matching, and pretend play! A Chase, Skye, Marshall, and Zuma Sea Patrol toy is transformed to a preschool shape toy (Heart, Triangle, Oval, Diamond), which is placed into a matching bag based on the color of the shape toy. When a shape is placed over a bag that doesn't match, the "Wrong" sound and symbol is shown to the viewer. When the color of the shape matches the bag, a "Right" sound effect is played with the "right" symbol (a check mark). This is a fun video for toddlers learning about matching, sorting, and the names of various shapes, and kids who love Paw Patrol and their toys.

Learn Colors Cream And Learn Sports ball With Water Sliders for Kids Cartoon Songs For Children ❤ Subscribe my channel to watch more video: ❤ Playlist: ❤ Click below to watch BEST LEARN COLOR videos ever! Learn Shapes & Learn Colors Train Pig Animal W Cream Cartoon 3D to Learn For Children Learn Colors Soccer Balls With Milks Tea Cartoon 3D Colors Nursery Rhymes Song For Kids Learn Colors Learn Animals Elephant and Teacup - Learn Animals Nursery Rhymes for Children Learn Colors & Shapes Elephant Milk Bowl W Cartoon 3D Colors for Children to Learn For Children Learn Colors & Frusts Wheel W King Kong Cartoon Nursery Rhymes Song for Children Colors for Children to Learn CAR Mcqueen with Assembly Street Vehicles Learn Colors for Children Learn Colors & Learn Animals Spinner Puzzle W Surprise Cartoon 3D Songs For Childre King Kong Learn Colors Animal Crocodile W Horse Cartoon 3D Nursery Rhymes For Children Learn Colors for Children Warter Learn Shape to Bulldozer Truck W Cartoon Nursery Rhymes For Kids.

I'm unboxing 20 Surprise Eggs, lot of surprise eggs. Hi everyone! Today we are going to show you a couple surprise eggs for you that we will unbox! Let's find out who are the best surprise eggs from these: Kinder Surprise then Kinder Joy and we have Cars 2 Surprise chocolate eggs, as well. But these are not the only ones in the video, here are some more: First of all there is thomas & friends chocolate eggs and Toy Story Surprise Egg then Disney Princess Surprise egg but also Spongebob Super Surprise and The lion king egg. Musics from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech). To Subscribe: HooplaKidz TV showcases a wide variety of #FunnyCartoons and Super Awesome #Cartoons for children like #OmNom, Gazoon, The Adventures of Annie and Ben along with a beautiful mix of Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs! So come along and have some Hoopla Fun with us! Hoopla Kidz are Happy Kidz! To watch more of our videos: Om Nom Stories: Gazoon: The Adventures of Annie and Ben: Nursery Rhymes: Thanks for watching our channel!

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