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appMink Fruit Train - appMink Learn Fruit Name with Steam Train - appMink playlist 63 minutes = appMink Fruit Train Script = Hi everyone! Today's another beautiful day at appMink! And guess what? We've got another lesson for you from Mr. Train! Are you excited? I know I am! Let's get started! Today, we're leaning about fruit! Do you know what fruit is in this box? It's bananas! Bananas grow on palm trees and love to be eaten by monkeys! You just peel the yellow skin of and chow down! Now what fruit is this? It's an apple! There are over 7000 different types of apples! If you tried one type per day, it'd take you 20 years to taste them all! Apples are delicious, but make sure you don't eat the middle! That bit's not very tasty! To get apples, we plant an apple seed from the core in the ground and it grows into an apple tree! Now what's our next fruit? It's a pear! Pears come in different colors including green, orange, yellow and even red! And they grow on trees much like apples! The wood from pear trees can be used to make lots of nice things like ornaments, tables and musical instruments like the cello! Now our next fruit often comes in pairs. It's cherries! Cherries grow on beautiful trees called cherry blossoms! They produce about 800 cherries! Cherries are a great when you have them with dessert like cupcakes or pies, and look great on top! Wow! Look at the size of that cherry pie! I hope that's not just for you Fennec Fox! The largest cherry pie was 17 feet and 28, 350 pounds! Now this fruit will be hard to guess! Can you get it? It's a coconut! Coconuts grow on palm trees in tropical places like deserted islands! Hi Big Mink! The trees can reach 20 meters tall which is as high as an 8 floor building! Now I bet you can all guess this fruit! It's the pineapple! Pineapples grow out of the ground and are actually a type of berry! If you slice off the top, you can use it to grow a new one! Wow! Mink that pineapple is gigantic! Maybe you should invite your friends to help eat it! The largest pineapple is 32cm long and weighed over 8 kilograms! Does everybody know this next fruit? It's lemons! Lemons grow on trees much like apples and pears! The trees are called evergreens and produce fruit all year! Oh you like lemons Miss Mink? No! Too sour! Lemons are tastiest when you make lemonade by squeezing out their juices! You can also use lemons as a battery! Isn't that amazing! Ok, onto the next fruit! It's oranges! Oranges are another fruit that grows on trees like lemons! Oranges are like the children of Ponelos and the older brothers of mandarins! To eat an orange, first peel off the skin, which you can then use to make some nice tea or for making cakes! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Oranges usually break into 10 pieces after you take the skin off, which makes them a great food for sharing with your friends! Our next fruit is an old favorite! It's strawberries! Strawberries are covered in lots of tiny little seeds, the only fruit like this! There can be as many as 200! They grow on long stalks that come out of the ground that only produce fruit for 5 years! Strawberries are another fruit that goes great with desert! And strawberry jam is especially scrumptious! The pine berry is a type of strawberry that's very pale and tastes like a pineapple, and the Himalayan strawberry has no taste! Do you know what our next fruit is? It's blackberries! They hang off the end of long branches, but watch out for the thorns! Blackberry leaves are great in tea, and if you feed blackberries to bees they make delicious, dark fruity honey! You can even use them to make pies, creams, ice creams and jams! And they're all delicious! What do we have this time? It's the blueberry! Blueberries are great because you can eat lots of them before you get full! You can also use blueberries to make paint! So you can your friends can paint beautiful pictures! And just like other berries, you can make lots of delicious things like jams, pies and ice creams! Thanks for another awesome lesson Mr. Train! We learn so much about fruit today! Let's go through them again! Banana, apple, pear, cherry, coconut, pineapple, lemon, orange, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry! Thanks everyone for joining us on this learning adventure! Don't forget to subscript and we'll see you next time!

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