Ryan Plays Would You Rather with Mommy and Daddy

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Who knows Daddy Better Ryan vs Mommy! On Ryan ToysReview, we played Who knows Ryan better, so we thought this time we should play who knows Daddy more! What's his favorite kids show, favorite Pokemon, Favorite toys and more! Watch Who knows Ryan better. Ryan makes animal shaped sandwich and fruit trains for kids with Ryan's Family Review! Fun with Food as Ryan shows a simple and easy DIY sandwich for kids into fun animal! Then Ryan also made a train out of banana and strawberries! It's fun to eat healthy delicious food with Ryan! Then we also make fun animal shaped balloons!

RYAN'S NEW ROOM TOUR where we decorated Ryan's Room with some of his favorite toys like Disney lightning McQueen, squishy, nerf toys and more! Ryan plays Would You Rather Kids edition with mommy from Ryan’s Family! This is an advertisement for Wonderful Halos. It’s a fun game for children that encourages creative thinking! For example, would you rather play in the backyard on a sunny day or sit on the sofa inside the whole day! Would you rather use your superpowers to help other people or just yourself? It’s important for kids to learn about helping others, being active, and making healthy eating choices! Halos is a wonderful snack kids and adults can enjoy that’s both sweet and healthy!

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