Paw Patrol Toy Blocks Transform into Vehicles and Figures Toys for Learning Colors

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Learn Colors with Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, and Peppa Pig Toys in this 1 hour 4K compilation of fun toy playtime skits for toddlers. Make learning colours, sizes, and food names fun with toddler toys and playsets from Doc McStuffins, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Shimmer and Shine, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Just Like Home Microwave Plasyset, Playfoam, candy gumballs and gummies, and dentist brushing teeth toys (bulldog, crocodile, baby shark) in 4K! Skits not only introduce toddlers to colors, but also help inspire imaginative play and are easy to understand for all languages. - Audio Credits: Attribution: "Vivacity" "Life of Riley" "Hyperfun" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. 0 License. PJ Masks and Paw Patrol visit Mickey Mouse's Roadster Racers Garage! Mickey and his friends upgrade the cars! Learn colors and count the cars as Mickey and friends each take turns to transform the Cat Car and Gekko Mobile into the Race into the night Racers. The Paw Patrol pups get their small cars turned into larger cars!

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Learning Colors Video for Kids: Paw Patrol Switch Vehicles! Boss Skye, Chase, Marshall Rubble More Videos ➡ 💙💚💛 Make sure you Subscribe ➡ Watch Our Other Videos for Kids 👍 Best Learning Colors for Children: Best Paw Patrol Learning ➡ Our Most Viewed Learning Videos ➡ Wrong Heads & Clothes Baby PAW PATROL ➡ Toy Appliances: Microwaves Blenders and more ➡ Learn Colors with Play-doh ➡ ❗️❗️PARENTS of babies, toddlers, children with Autism or Asperger's, children with delayed speech and other learning disabilities, and children learning English as a second language (ESL): We have videos with fun surprises for all kids on the planet! Our Fun Kids Planet YouTube Channel uses fun and educational videos to help your child improve Counting, Colors, the Alphabet, Shapes, and More! Fun Kids Planet will entertain AND educate your child for hours while they learn colors, nursery rhymes, shapes, the alphabet, and much more! Make sure you Subscribe ➡.

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