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PJ MASKS GIANT EGG SURPRISE Toys Opening with Ryan ToysReview in PJ Masks IRL Superheroes costume for kids! Hi guys, today we are unboxing and building these 5 LEGO Marvel Avengers Infinity War sets. We have Thanos Ultimate Battle, Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack, The Hulkbuster Smash-Up, Thor's Weapon Quest and Outrider Dropship Attack. We try to recreate the story line of when Thanos goes on the hunt for all the Infinity Gems. My favorite set is the Hulkbuster because you can control one of the arm to smash anything in his way. Thanks for watching guys if you enjoy this video please don't forget to subscribe to Ckn Toys. Series by Entertainment One, Frog Box and TeamTO. When his friends are captured by Romeo, Catboy needs to stop him when Romeo made robot copies of the PJ Masks. Fireman Sam was sleeping at this Fire Station, he was woken up by the sound of the fire alarm. There is a Giant Surprise egg on fire somewhere and he have to find it and put out the fire before everything is burnt. He jumped into his red fire engine ride on truck and headed to the fire. After putting the fire out he finds a Giant Surprise Egg full of toys inside. What else to do but smash it open and play with all the Fireman Sam toys inside. Toys included in this giant surprise egg are Jupiter The Fire Engine, Battery Powered Fire Truck Ride-On, Wallaby Rescue Helicopter, Fireman Sam Lighthouse Playset, Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Playset, Fireman Sam Rescue Helmet, Neptune, Venus, Rescue Helicopter and Fireman Sam Figure Collection. If you love Watching Fireman Sam you will love this huge toy collection. Please don't forget to subscribe to CKN Toys. Surprise Eggs in other Languages - huevos sorpresa, яйця з сюрпризом, överraskning ägg, сюрприз яйца, ovos surpresa, Überraschung Eier, œufs surprise, siurprizas kiaušiniai.

Ryan ToysReview looks for surprise toys with his family in this fun Halloween skit! Hi guys, today we are unboxing the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset. This is a huge set with three levels, one for Catboy, Gekko and Owlette. The Pj Masks are watching a movie when they are interupted by the burglar alarm. It is Romeo and Lunagirl trying to steal their new toys the Jetpack. Into the night to save the day. Bedtime is the right time to fight crime, the PJ Masks go into the night to save the day! Inspired by the Disney Junior superhero animated TV series, this PJ Masks Headquarters Playset by Just Play lets you join your favorite pajama-clad protectors for thrilling adventures! Start your mission with the PJ Picture Player that activates fun phrases and the show's theme song. Then, jump into the action with the included Catboy and his Cat Car, and send the two down the winding ramp. Use the working elevator to transport your heroes to any of the headquarters' three levels, and use the zip-line, hanging rings and pop-out hatches to set out for your quest. Get ready for superhero-sized fun with the PJ Masks! Thanks for watching guys and please don't forget to subscribe to CKN Toys.

Hi guys, today i was a bit bored and have nothing to do so i called up my friend Chase from the Paw Patrol to come over and play. We had so much fun, we played on the Battery Powered Ride On Cars, watch some Paw Patrol movies on TV while eating pop corn, played with a giant red ball, played board game, played games on the iPad, then after all that we got very hungry so we decided to get some McDonald's for lunch. Thank you for being my friend Chase.

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