Closing Toy School FOREVER !!!

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Miss Lucy has prepared a Toy Shortage Emergency Plan for when all of the Toys R Us stores close down because the Toy Bureau is expecting a nationwide shortage! Addy and Maya practice their drills and even call on some special YouTuber friends for help! A special thanks to "Sandaroo" from the Sandaroo Kids [DisneyCarToys] YouTube channel: And another special thanks to "The Assistant" from TheEngineeringFamily YouTube channel: Music Credits: Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds Northern Regions by Travis Loafman Bug Soup by Be Still the Earth Pearl Diver by Isaac Joel Power Play by Bryant Lowry Give by OBOY No Exit by Caleb Harris Elephant in the Room by Mucho Kaka What I Need by Hawksilver Nazca by Isaac Joel Cassini by Isaac Joel 1999 by Alter Ego Juggernaut by Matt Wigton Just Take My Money by Caleb Harris Let's Play by Valdi Sabev The Vegas Go-Go by Dresden the Flamingo Come Over by Finn's Fandango. She's super tired at our silly class today, so Addy is having some pretty terrible dreams! Instead of opening brand new fun toys, poor Addy keeps thinking she isn't prepared for her tests at Toy School. These silly kids! The pretend teacher Miss Lucy is acting a bit different in this one! Music Credits: Mystery by Fantoms Love in 88 by Matt Wigton Look Up# by Achille Richard Open Up by Achille Richard Fixed Infinitely Up by Achille Richard The Future is Basic by My Buddy Mike Happy Day by Album House The Hype Train by Matt Wigotn Pool Party by New Wave Sounds Move by OBOY Funky Footwork by Triads No One Like You by Jacob Walker Ice Cream Truck by New Wave Sounds Love is All We Need by Hill Back to School by Travis Loafman.

Addy and Maya are selected to trade places with Charlotte and Stella to join Sydney and Tori at the boring regular school run by Mr. Carbunkle. So not cool! Meanwhile, Miss Lucy's Toy School is as fun as ever when Sophia and Avery are joined by their new silly friends! Music Credits: Come On Over by Finn's Fandango Right Now by Paper Planet Cracker Barrel by New Wave Sounds Seize the Day by Lion's Heart Coconut Island by Triads A Day in My Life by Liberty Lets Get Pumped by Caleb Harris Strollin' Along by Triads Freedom by Hawksilver Clown Castle by Triads Waltz of the Happy Nerds by Triads Losing It by Triads The Future is Retro by New Wave Sounds Dog Days by Isaac Joel Sun Kissed by Matt Wigton. Jason wants his toy store back from the silly workers Lucy and Miss PaDoodle (Karen) so he is having Addy help him this time! The two toy store workers have no idea what's about to happen. This silly kids video with our pretend workers is sure to have your child laugh out loud! Music Credits: "The Only One" by Caleb Harris courtesy of Soundstripe "Boom Boom! " by Chris Rattie courtesy of Soundstripe "Back to School" by Travis Loafman courtesy of Soundstripe "New Horizons" by Jacob Walker courtesy of Soundstripe "Double Agent" by Triads courtesy of Soundstripe "Summertime Sunshine" by Caswell courtesy of Soundstripe "Sunshine on My Face" by Valdi Sabev courtesy of Soundstripe "Boardwalk Punks" by Chris Rattie courtesy of Soundstripe "Fly" by Colin G Scudder courtesy of Soundstripe "Chasing the Daylight" by Mignon courtesy of Soundstripe "Alive and Free-" by Hawksilver courtesy of Soundstripe "Extra Cheese Please" by New Wave Sounds courtesy of Soundstripe "Bad Boys" by Alter Ego courtesy of Soundstripe "Dance Baby Dance" by Corey Horn courtesy of Soundstripe "A Day in My Life" by Adrian Walther courtesy of Soundstripe "Joyful" by DJ Adkins courtesy of Soundstripe "The Future is Retro" by New Wave Sounds courtesy of Soundstripe "Stay Away" by Caleb Harris courtesy of Soundstripe "Just Take My Money" by Caleb Harris courtesy of Soundstripe "Drop it on Me Girl" by Kick Lee courtesy of Soundstripe.

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