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Cams Toy Box is opening Surprise Toys for Kids Review, we have New Season 3 Hatchimals Blind Bags, Smashers Surprise Toys, Disney Happy Places, LOL Surprise Confetti POP Dolls Series 3, Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets, Squish Dee Lish, SlitherIo Minis Series 2, Lots of Toy Surprises Fun for Kids! Please Check out my most viewed surprise toys chocolate eggs videos: Dreamworks Trolls Surprise Easter Egg Blind Bag Series 2 1 Chocolate Tin Box Poppy Branch Lollipop Chocolate Surprise Eggs Kinder Mashems Fashems SpongeBob Disney Sofia Powerpuff Girls Toys LOL Surprise Pets Lil Sisters Pikmi POPS Shopkins Trolls Tin Blind Bag Toys Series 3 2 Fun Radz Kids Toys Surprises Opening Kinder Peppa Pig SpongeBob Mashems Fashems Toy Unboxing Fun 21 Chocolate Surprise Eggs Alvin Yokai Shimmer Shine Minnie Peppa Pig Doc Mcstuffins El Chavo Toys Chocolate Surprise Eggs Emoji Paw Patrol Minnie Mouse Despicable Me 3 Disney Frozen Dora the Explore Chocolate Surprise Eggs Disney Frozen Hello Kitty Shopkins Paw Patrol Peppa Pig Care Bears Trolls Dreamworks Trolls Surprise Plastic Easter Eggs Chocolate Blind Bags Series 3 4 2 Chupa Chups Lollipop Dreamworks Trolls Easter Plastic Eggs Surprises Chocolate Egg Tin Poppy Dog Tags Bulls I Toy Fun Trolls Poppy Branch Chocolate Surprise Eggs Opening Guy Diamond Creek Toy Surprises Kids Fun Toy Vending Machine Surprises Kinder Egg Minions Mineez Shopkins Cars 3 LPS Fashems Mashems Toys Blind Bags Opening Paw Patrol Animal Jam Disney Cars 3 Minions PJ MAsks Trolls Care Bears Toys Fun Easter Surprise Eggs Pikmi 2 Chocolate Kinder Shopkins Trolls El Chavo Opening Hatchimals Barbie Subscribe here: ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Music by: Ben Sound Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. 0 License You Tube Audio Library.

Wendy is pretend playing selling a bunch of ice cream toys at her store! Uncle Tim is planning to buy some ice cream toys at Wendy’s shop, but suddenly Uncle K appears and sells super cheap ice cream. Wendy decides to make her special ice cream a banana split for sale. The banana split ice cream toy is Uncle Tim’s favorite, so he buys it from her instead. Wendy sees that Uncle K is upset, so Wendy has a great idea of them teaming up and selling ice cream toys together! They combine their pretend food toys and make pancake ice cream, waffles ice cream toys, and ice cream floats.

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LOL Confetti POP Surprise Toys Unboxing Hatchimals SEASON 3 Puppy Dog Pals SlitherIO Minis Smashers
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LOL Big Surprise CUSTOM Ball Powerpuff Girls DIY | Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids | SWTAD
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Squishy Scavenger Hunt at the Park Playground For Kids | Smooshy Mushy SERIES 3 ICE CREAM CONES
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Toy Hotel Celebrates Addy's Hatchimals Filled Birthday !!!
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MYSTERY WHEEL OF SURPRISES CHALLENGE - LOL Surprise Confetti Pop, Pikmi Pops, Hatchimals, Squishies
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Super Cool Carnival Silly Kids Get TONS of 5 Surprise Toys!!!
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Silly Surprise Toys for Girls Blind Bags & Slime Surprise Eggs with Chloe & Emily Kinder Playtime
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Num Noms Surprise Toys UNBOXING Shopkins My Little Pony Tin Roblox Incredibles 2 Kids Fun
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5 Surprise LOL Pets Pikmi Pops Nintendo Squish Dee Lish Blind Bags Toys Kids Fun Opening
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Toy Surprises Num Noms Cereal PETS LOL Series 3 Puchi Gumi Surprizamals MLP Barbie Squishy Pops Open
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Scented Lip Gloss + Nail Polish Series 5 Surprise Num Noms Blind Bags
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Easter Surprise Eggs Pikmi 2 Chocolate Kinder Shopkins Trolls El Chavo Opening Hatchimals Barbie
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Rainbocorns Week at the Toy Hotel
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Pikmi POPS LOL Under Warps Surprise Toys NUM NOMS Minnie Mouse Vampirina Kinder
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Surprise Eggs Chocolate Easter Shopkins Trolls Hatchimals 3 Paw Patrol My Little Pony Toys Opening
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LOL Surprise Pikmi POPS TOYS Unboxing MashUP DOORABLES Hatchimals 4 UNDER WRAPS Play Kids
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MOJ MOJ Claw Machine Surprise Eggs TOYS Squishy Trolls Review Kids Fun Playing
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Unboxing Surprise Toys Doorables Multi Peek Num Noms Glitter LOL MLP Cutie Crew SHOPKINS
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TOY DOCTOR Fixes Maya's Hearing !!!
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Chocolate Surprise Eggs Easter MAXI Kinder Bunny Shopkins MLP LOL Confetti POP Pikmi Masha Bear
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Toy candy dispensers opening Pikmi Pops, squishies, glitter putty, slime and surprises
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LOL Surprise Confetti GLitter Blind Bags Pikmi POP Disney Fingerlings Toys LIL Sisters Unboxing
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Slime Surprise Toys LOL Pets Paw Patrol Mashems Care Bears Trolls Barbie Blind Bags Opening Fun
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Pikmi POPS Hatchimal 3 LOL Surprise Toys ULTRA RARE Num Noms Fingerlings Blind Bags Unboxing Kids
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LOL Surprise Toys Glitter ULTRA RARE Pikmi POPS 2 Hatchimals 3 Twins Unicorn Poo Squish Ums Pets Kid
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Blind Bags Toy Surprises Opening TROLLS PEANUTS BARBIE CHARM U Disney Care Bears MLP
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Unboxing Surprises Toys Disney Happy Places Shopkins Kinder Joy Surprizamals 7 Kids Fun
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