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Baby Panda Transportation By Babybus Kids Games ●Subscribe Now: Honk~ Honk~ Come on, kids! Learn about commonly known aerial, marine and terrestrial transportation of people right here. How many of these do you know? High speed train, fire engine at work, crowded bus. Learn them all through fun games of assembling and other tasks. Fun features: 1. 10 most common modes of transportation are introduced. 2. Learn their names and their attributes while playing fun games and finishing tasks. 3. Learn about different modes of transportation associated with various professions. 4. Children-friendly interface. Design concepts: We focus on inspirational learning; We focus on skill-building; We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience; Take the baby bus for an unique learning experience!

Baby Panda Supermarket By Babybus Games. ●Subscribe Now: Happy Halloween! Halloween is coming and baby panda is going shopping for Halloween Party. Are you ready for Halloween? Welcome to Baby Panda's Supermarket Grocery Store! Select various fresh fruits & vegetables, play funny toys, choose Halloween cookies, DIY Pumpkin Lantern, wear Halloween mask & cool Halloween costumes, make yummy birthday cakes and hamburgers as you like and more! Ever wanted to go to a Halloween supermarket and go shopping with Mom or Dad? Now you can with cute baby panda! Mommy Panda makes a list of the goods for Halloween preparations that need to buy in the supermarket, birthday cake, toys, candies, food, drinks, apples, fishes and more! Go and help baby panda take a trolley and go to the supermarket to find products that Mommy Panda added to your Halloween shopping list! Don’t forget to check out! It can also help you learn numbers! Help Mommy Panda and Kiki buy the goods they need, and you will get a lucky draw for surprising prize! You can get an amazing gift by using the lucky draw! Cool Halloween Supermarket Features: *More than 10 supermarket shopping zones for you to explore! *Delicious Halloween snacks&cookies&sweets, funny toys, useful commodities, drinks and more! *Try on cool Halloween costumes and shoes to make sure they fit. Dress up baby panda in varieties of cutest outfits. * Trick or Treat? Don’t forget to help panda Kiki buy some Halloween candies! *Wow! Here are varieties of fishes. Let’s go and catch beautiful fishes! *Try on Halloween makeup and have a try on various cosmetics, lipstick, eye shadow and more! *Baby Panda Kiki wants a Pumpkin lantern. Can you find it out for him? *Watch funny reactions of the customers who you have put on makeup for. *Plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables to choose! *Decorate yummy birthday cake as you like! Covering cake with delicious cream, putting on beautiful Halloween toppings and so on. *Slice sausage, pour salad and make preparations for making awesome hamburgers! *Don’t forget to check out items, scan and weigh goods, candies and so on. *It’s time for check out, you need to calculate the correct amount and learn math! *Enjoy wonderful song and animation, which include more than 100 common commodities. Enjoy your Halloween shopping adventure in Baby Panda's Supermarket Grocery Store! Plenty of Halloween goods, bread, cakes, fruits, vegetables, snacks, dairy products, toys, clothes, drinks and more. Come and join the fun! Download The Game Android.

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