Kid's, Make a Toy Pizza for the Paw Patrol!

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Best Baby Learning Video Compilation for Kids - Fun Preschool Educational Toys Movie for Toddlers! In this learning video for babies and kids, we've got some of our best and most-recent toy learning videos! 0: 00 - Teach Colors with Paw Patrol Cupcakes with Sprinkles and Icing 13: 19 - Learn Numbers and Colors with Pororo the Little Penguin School Bus and Genevieve 19: 56 - Cute Toddler Genevieve Teaches Colors with Tomica Toy Cars 24: 34 - Three Preschool Educational Pop-Up Toys - Sesame Street, Toy Cars, and Dinosaur Eggs 32: 38 - Tomica Toy Car Race Track Teaches Kids Colors 42: 59 - Learn Vehicle Names and Sorting with Melissa and Doug Jumbo Wooden Toy cars Subscribe to Genevieve's Playhouse Here: Join us on Facebook for bonus footage and pics! Here are some of our other fun kid & toddler learning videos by Genevieve's Playhouse: Ball Pounding Bench Preschool Toys for Toddlers: Toddler, Genevieve, teaches Kids Alphabet: Cool Nesting Toy Cars for Kids: Fun Marble Mazes for Kids: Car Carrying Truck for Kids: Friendly Honey Bees Preschool Toy for Toddlers: Fun Peg Pounding Bench Toy for Kids: GIANT Best Marble Maze for Kids: Follow us on Instagram: Sound Effects by Music by Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Source: Artist.

Melody and baby dolls are hungry! Melody calls to order a pizza. Chef Ivan Deliver pizza to their playhouse. Fun pretend play time! Please visit our channel for more fun videos! Music. Slime versus watermelon! What an epic battle. it could have been. But watermelons are tough guys and it's not that easy to get yourself a piece of juicy red watermelon when you want it so much. Sam tries everything he finds in the kitchen, but alas. He can still remember his previous experience with a watermelon, when all the seeds got stuck to him and he was struggling with the thick rind. This time, however, Sue offers a perfect solution - they will still get lots of refreshing watermelon juice, but no seeds or rinds. And she won't need kitchen utensils for this, but an electric screwdriver. While she's making this craft, Sam is there to cheer her up and make her laugh, even if it can break her concentration. Sue makes a hole, she inserts a tap, she opens the tap and voila! The glasses get filled with fresh summery juice. Watermelons are a true symbol of summer, don't you think? Try making this watermelon juice dispenser for your summer party and amaze your guests! But be very careful when working with those tools and ask an adult to help! PREVIOUS EPISODE: 2 PLUSH TOYS in 1: How to make flip sock plushies Check out Slime Sam's Community Tab and see his best pictures, funny GIFs, new episode announcements and much more! Subscribe to Sam's channel and give a thumbs up to motivate him to make more videos for you! - - - All music is licensed under MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE: OPENING THEME Title: Cuckoo Source.

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