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Will you be joining the PJ Masks to save the day? ► Subscribe for more PJ Masks videos: ► Watch more episodes on Disney Junior! By day 6 year olds Connor, Amaya and Greg go to school like everyone else. But when something goes awry in the city, these special kids, filled with curiosity and a sense of justice get ready for their mission – but they have to wait until night fall when the city is asleep and they can go un detected. Instead of going to bed like all the other children, when our heroes get their pyjamas on, they magically transform into super heroes and become the PJ Masks. Here come Catboy – super fast and agile, Gekko – super strong and can scale walls and Owlette – with the ability to fly and see great distances. Together these three can tackle any situation – PJ Masks they’re on their way into the night to save the day! Official website: Official Twitter: Official Facebook: Download the music album here.

PJ Masks Transforming Tower Shrinks the Assistant with Paw Patrol. What will the Assistant do when she enters the PJ Masks Transforming Tower and shrinks! Do you think the Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette will be able to change the Assistant back? Check out some of these other fun TheEngineeringFamily Treasure Hunts DISNEY SURPRISE TREASURE Secret Surprise Treasure with the Assistant a Disney World Video Surprise PJ MASKS Disney Search For PJ Masks with Blaze and Paw Patrol Video Adventure Assistant Slip N Slide Bounce House Carnival Challenge Surprise Toys Video ASSISTANT TREASURE HUNT Paw Patrol Look Out Hunt + toysZootopia + Lion Guard Toys Surprise Video Or these Playlists! Funny Kids Videos Featuring the Assistant About The Engineering Family We are The Engineering Family, a family of educators working to show you how to make learning fun and engaging through toy unboxings, toy reviews, and original series designed to insight imaginative play within your family. With Mr. Engineer as an experienced engineer with a love of exploring new things, Mrs. Engineer an award winning teacher with a math and counseling focus, and their daughter The Assistant you can think of The Engineering channel as your imagination station. You can think of The Engineering Family channel as a Funbrain meets YouTube. This family is taking some of the coolest toys like Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Scooby Doo, PJ Masks, Doc Mcstuffins, and plenty of fun Real Life live action videos that help teach children valuable STEM content. As always. TheEngineeringFamily only features 100% suitable family fun entertainment.

Subscribe to FUN KIDS HOUSE for more videos here: 💙🐈💘🦉💚🦎Watch more PJ Masks videos here: Watch our surprise eggs videos here. ► Watch New VIDEO here: ► The best of playlist: ►Thank you for watching and if you love this movies! ► Please ☞ "SUBCRIBER" - "LIKE" - "COMMENT". Pororo is looking for a friends who can play with him everyday. Would you like to be his friend? Who wants to meet Pororo in real life? To parents, have your kids ever told you about meeting real Pororo? These series of kids drama [Pororo in my pocket] may be the perfect contents for those kids. EPISODE 1 Yujung spends fun time with a toy Pororo, but she suddenly gets bored of this stinky toy. She wishes that she could play with real Pororo. Meanwhile, Pororo breaks into Yujung’s room and amazed by all the toys in her room. Yujung and Pororo bump into each other and promise that they always will be by each other. Pororo tells Yujung to keep the secret about his presence. Oops! Yujung’s mom seems like she notices that Yujung acts strange. Will Pororo be fine? EPISODE 2 If you are asking why this real Pororo suddenly appeared in human’s village, he got banished from Porong Porong Village. Pororo needs to complete a mission of collecting smiles from people. His first target is Yujung. He thinks about the ways he can make Yujung smiles. He starts to clean up her room but it isn’t so easy for little Pororo. His intention was very kind but he ends up creating all the mess instead. EPISODE 3 Wow! Pororo gains a magic wand from the wizard Tongtong. Kids often dream about transporting, being an invisible man, or flying on a broom stick like Harry Porter. In this video clip, Pororo visited a girl who is a big fan of him and her wish for meeting a real Pororo finally becomes true. Pororo plans to make Yujung happy with this magic wand. Oh! By the way, what would you want to be, if you were a wizard, parents? EPISODE 4 Pororo decides to make Yujung’s belongings to princess’ items such as a crown, a shining dress, and a pink bracelet. And Pororo plans all of these for a surprise while Yujung is still at school. But something bad happens to Pororo. He tries to hide behind the curtains, and suddenly strong wind from open window blows little Pororo out of the house. What would happen to Pororo next? EPISODE 5 Friends! Help Pororo. He’s kidnapped by a naughty boy named Minjun at a trampoline park. Even though Pororo succeeded to make Yujung happy, he pulled himself into a nightmare. Minjun treats him like a doll and Pororo feels it’s too harsh for him. Pororo tries to run out of his hands but he fails it again and again. What could he do to see Yujung again? Maybe Pororo needs your help, friends! EPISODE 6 Escape from the strange room, Pororo! Pororo is locked in a strange room by a naughty boy named Minjun. Pororo must get through few missions to unlock the password to way out. Even though there are a lot of toys he loves in the room, he feels nervous for being left by himself. Where is Yujung, tho? Is she at school or at the playground? It’s time for Pororo to be wise and look for clues to escape from the strange room. Will he be able to escape and meet Yujung again? EPISODE 7 Pororo wants revenge on Yujung’s best friend Minjun for locking him in the strange room. He makes Minjun embarrassing by pooping on the pound cake for Yujung. Pororo is jealous about these two friends playing house without him. “Gosh! Stop bugging me! ” Minjun never stops teasing Pororo. So Pororo plans to do something mean while Minjun takes a nap. What would happen between these two? EPISODE 8 A goblin is here at Yujung’s house and Pororo faces him in a toilet at night! Pororo is not afraid of him as long as he has the magic wand with him. Soon, they decide to compete for strength of each one’s magic wand. The goblin turns Pororo into a baby or makes him upside down. What magic skills would Pororo use for the revenge? Who would win the competition? EPISODE 9 Pororo and Yujung are going to a field trip to a downtown, because Yujung has to do a favor for her mom. Pororo is willing to help Yujung to find her mom’s workplace. On the way to their destination, they hop off of the bus to look around a big toy store. It is time to use your magic wand, Pororo! Will they get to mom’s workplace okay? EPISODE 10 Pororo now wishes to go back to the Porong Porong village and meets his friends, Crong, Loopy, Petty, Eddy, and Poby. However, the king of the village named Bbulala is mad at Pororo for being lazy and not collecting any laughter from kids. Will he be able to go back to his village again? Pororo gets homesick and misses Loopy’s delicious foods and cookies. Wait! Is that Crong crying over there? Crong must be banished from the village as well. Oh gosh. What would happen to those two? Wait for the next season. 🦖Welcome to Pororo Dino World, where you can meet the best and awesome dinosaurs! ✨Pororo Season 6 is now on YouTube! Click here: 🎥Wait, what! You still haven't watched the Pororo Movie "Porong Porong Rescue Mission".

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