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Cars for kids, Toys review and learning name and sounds School Bus, Taxi, Police Car, Ambulance toy - Wow kids learning video for kids, children, baby, toddler and more. Please LIKE + SHARE + SUBSCRIBE this video and channel Thanks you! Let Follow and Subscribe Bi Bi TV: Follow My TW: - Welcome to Bi Bi Tv. Bi Bi Tv is a Eudcational channel. We wish Bi Bi Tv can helps kids to learn everything good as learn all about numbers, shapes, animals, and so much more! And Bi Bi tv have more funny song, nursery rhyme song as Jonhy Jonhy yes papa, Finger Family song. and more and more. Kids can learn and relax with Bi Bi tv. Come to Bi Bi Tv, Kids can watch so many funny 2d 3d Animation Funny Happy of Bi Bi TV is make something Amazing for Kids!

Today we have a very special delivery from Lightning McQueen himself. He has brought us all the NEWEST and the BIGGEST collection of toys from the new Disney Cars 3 movie. There are so many cool new Disney toys that we have to unbox all of it for you guys to see. Toys included are Revvin Action Jackson Storm, Talking Smokey, Tiny Lugsworth, Talking Cruz Ramirez, Race and Reck lightning McQueen, Giant Lightning McQueen, Mack Diecast, Travel Time Mack, Smokey's Service Stop, Willy's Butte Playset, Thomasville Racing Speedway, Piston Cup Playset and many more other characters such as Mater, Chip and Flo. We had so much fun unboxing all these new Disney Cars 3 toys and playing with it. Hope you guys enjoy this video and please don't forget to subscribe to CKN Toys.

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Cars for kids, Toys review and learning name and sounds School Bus, Taxi, Police Car, Ambulance toy
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