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Max the Glow Train and his friends wash fruits and vegetables and then start counting them. Bubble the Robot is very interested in how the fruits and vegetables are washed. He is very curious about the kitchen faucet and how it works. The robot jumps onto the kitchen counter and accidentally turns the water on. While the toys are counting fruits and vegetables, the kitchen sink is overflowing. It's good that Max the Glow Train has friends like Fen the Boat and Kai the Submarine. These two help to save the day! Learn numbers for toddlers! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ © 2018, TOYS, Max the Glow Train, Learn to Count Fruits and Vegetables with Max the Glow Train and his Team, Episode 8 © 2018, coilbook™ Learning is easy when it's fun! ™ Soundtracks are licensed by coilbook “Stock media provided by [DavidFlavinmusic] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [IkonikMusik] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [RealGuitars] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [eitanepsteinmusic] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [jaksanapong] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [felixmanzimusic] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [eitanepsteinmusic] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [MarioLucianAndreano] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [DPmusic] Pond5“ “Stock media provided by [joshwynter] Pond5“.

appMink Making a Digger - Construction Digger rescue the Steam Train with the help from Fire Truck, Police Truck & Police Helicopter Welcome back to appMink town! Looks like Mr. Train is doing well! Oh no! Is that Evil Dr. Pig? What's he doing. it looks very suspicious. What's that in his bag? They're some very suspicious looking tools, and is that dynamite! What's he going to do with that? Oh. This doesn't look good. Evil Dr. Pig, please! Stop! Oh my gosh! This is terrible! Mink! Mink: Oh no! Police copter! Please help! The tunnel has been blown up! Mink: Somebody blew up the tunnel, Police Chief Mink! Police Chief Mink: Oh no! That's terrible! Police Chief Mink: First we're going to put out the fire, then move that log. Good work Mr. Fire Truck, putting out the fire is a great first step, same to you Mr. Crane Mink: Ahh what are we going to do. Police Chief Mink: How do we move all this? Oh. That Evil Dr. Pig! Miss Mink: I know what we should do! What's that Miss Mink? You've got an idea? Ah ha! You think we should build a digger! Evil Dr. Pig: Awh. yeah that's pretty clever Miss Mink: Look here! Alright let's get started! First we need the cab! Come on cab! Don't leave us hanging! Next come the sides and the seat! Jump on guys! And on to the base! Come on grill, what are you waiting for? Next comes the boom, arm and the bucket! Quickly! We've got a tunnel to fix! Oh no! Evil Dr. Pig's minions are here to stop us! Mink: Oh no! Great work Mink! Mink: All right! We're back on track! So next up we need the tilt cylinder and the blade! Great work! And now, the tracks and the frame! Now we're ready to get rolling! Finally, the steering wheel gets to join! And now we're ready to help fix the tunnel! Oh, maybe a bit more power first. Big Mink: Oh you're forgetting something! Thanks Big Mink! Mink: Thanks, see ya! Alright Mink, let's go! Evil Dr. Pig's minions are trying to stop us again! Great work Mink! No time to waste! Police Chief Mink: Hurry Mink, we've got to get this cleaned up! Mink: Don't worry, I'm on it! Miss Mink: Oh Mink! We're running out of time! Oh no! The train is coming, hurry Mink! Evil Dr. Pig: eheh! This is it! It's getting closer! Mink: I can do it! Mink: Alright, this is it! You can do it Mink! Miss Mink: Oh no! I can't watch! One more time! Police Chief Mink: Come on, Mink! All right! We did it guys! Evil Dr. Pig: Ahh foiled again! The train is saved! Another crisis avoided thanks to Mink and his friends! Don't forget to subscribe to appMink so you can see what Mink and his friends are up to next time! See ya then! Copyright 2016 appMink: All rights reserved. Subscribe for more videos! Join us on Facebook: appMink is the perfect ESL, children learning animation channel that capture children's imagination, help kids learn the concepts of color and space. appMink toy construction video also inspire young viewers to become interest in Science and Mechanic Engineering from an earlier age! To watch all popular children nursery rhymes, click here appMink Making a Police Car - Police Chief & Walkie Talkie Ride Hoverboard and Build a Police Car Old MacDonald Had a Farm Popular Nursery Rhymes & Children Songs by appMink ft Farm Animals appMink build the ABC with Alphabet Train Monster Truck Police Helicopter and School Bus Police Helicopter - appMink Make a Police Chopper with Toy Monster Truck & School Bus Monster Truck School Bus Fire Truck Construction Toy Truck Cars Race go Kart Racing Kids Animation Deadly Roulette by Kevin MacLeod licensed under Creative Commons License.

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