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Learn Colors with preschool toys for kids Sparkle Spice SUBSCRIBE(CLICK☞): Watch some of our best playlists! PAW PATROL Color Changing Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treating Scary Ghost Toys Shopkin Candy Bonanza Peppa Pig Microwave and Blender Candy Toy Home Kitchen Appliances with Surprise Toys LEARN COLORS Squishy Mesh Balls and Splat Stress Balls Learn Colors in Slime Cutting Toddler Learning Long Video Paw Patrol Toys Pop Up Surprises Toddler Toy for Best Kid Learning Video Compilation Sparkle Spice is a channel where we make learning videos for preschools, babies, and toddlers. I open a lot of surprise toys for kids, and do toy reviews. You will find videos of finger family nursery rhymes, Play Doh, and Surprise Eggs. Subscribe and come back because we post videos every day! - Music from Bensound, YouTube. This is a video collection with funny playground slides and balls. In this video you will see many episodes such as: learn colors with playground slide and balls, learn shapes, abc song for kids, funny ball pit, funny jumping ball, playground slide in a kid's room. Playground slides are found in parks, schools, playgrounds and backyards. The slide may be flat, or half cylindrical or tubular to prevent falls. Slides are usually constructed of plastic or metal and they have a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. The user, typically a child, climbs to the top of the slide via a ladder or stairs and sits down on the top of the slide and "slides" down the slide. DESIGN AND PRODUCTION Marcin Pietras Grzegorz Pietras.

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