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If you like my channel please subscribe: I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening and your support! You can download most of my music on soundcloud for free: Social Media: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Download my Music on Soundcloud: Follow me on Instagram: wonderfullullabies More lullaby videos: 1 Hour Mozart and Brahms Lullabies: 8 Hours Brahms Lullaby: 8 Hours Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: 8 Hours Musicbox Lullaby: Listening to soothing bedtime music is a perfect way to get your baby, youngster or even yourself to a deep and relaxing sleep. Playing soft music without harsh tones at a low volume improves sleep quality and duration. New lullabies and calssical music are uploaded regularly. pics, video and animation by bigstockphoto and cutestockfootage Music recorded and Produced by: © Wonderful Lullabies. All rights reserved. Música para bebês com suaves sons da natureza para o bebê dormir, relaxar e ninar. Música para bebês dormir e canção de ninar, muito relaxante. Mais músicas para bebês: Playlist músicas para bebês: Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.

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Mozart for Babies Lullabies to put a baby to Sleep! Get our NEW Album "Lullabies: The Best of Brahms and Mozart" ► iTunes - ► Google Play - ► Click Here To Subscribe! - Lullaby and Baby Sleep Effect: Music benefits child development in a variety of ways. Playing soft lullabies with baby relaxing music at bedtime promotes comfort, quality sleep and brain development. Put Lullabies with soft Classical Music on at a low volume overnight or during naps to provide your youngster with all the benefits music has to offer your sleeping baby. Mozart Music for Babies: Playing soft music of Mozart for Babies as a background music before bed or during naps improves sleep duration and quality. Baby Mozart calms the nervous system and support healthy brain functioning. Bedtime Baby Music can help babies and toddlers feel safe, relaxed and calm, while music during naps can help energy levels decrease and encourage the body to prepare for sleep naturally. More Lullabies by Baby Relax Channel: ♫♫♫ 8 HOURS OF BRAHMS LULLABY ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ 4 Hours Best Lullabies ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ 5 HOURS of BEETHOVEN LULLABY ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ 4 HOURS OF BRAHMS LULLABY ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ 8 HOURS OF LULLABY BRAHMS ♫♫♫ 🚼💤 LULLABY Rock a Bye Baby 🚼💤.

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♫♫♫ 4 Heures Berceuse Brahms ♫♫♫ Bébé-dodo, Musique pour Dormir Bebe, Longue Berceuse pour Enfants
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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3 Hours Brahms Mozart Beethoven Baby Music ♥ Super Soothing Bedtime Lullabies ♫ Twinkle Little Star
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Classical Music for Kids 🎻 Mozart for Children to Sleep 🎻 Relaxing Music for Kids Sleeping, Relax
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