Pororo Season 6 | #23 Eddy’s Trip to the Moon | Who wants to go to the moon with Eddy?

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Please subscribe Pororo English Channel👉 Since Loopy loves to cook, she made some sandwiches and well, she made enough to share with her friends. Would Pororo and his friends will like Loopy's sandwich? It definitely looks delicious! It's the best animation for kids and babies - Pororo the little Penguin! 0: 06 - 10: 59 Episode 21 A Meal Made for Loopy 11: 06 - 21: 59 Episode 22 Rody's Wish 22: 06 - 32: 59 Episode 23 Transformer Troubles 33: 06 - 43: 59 Episode 24 Exchanging Chaos 44: 06 - 54: 59 Episode 25 Loopy and Petty's Eventful Night 55: 06 - 1: 07: 14 Episode 26 Tu-Tu and Tongtong 🎥Wait, what! You still haven't watched the Pororo Movie "Porong Porong Rescue Mission"! 🎉Best show for kids and english learners! Pororo English Show: ✏️Let's learn color, number, weather with Pororo! Pororo Chant! 🎵Nursery Rhyme has story: 🎬To watch more Pororo's Animated shorts: ✨Pororo Season 5 is now on YouTube! Click here: Episode 16: Crong the Master Cleaner Crong gets in big trouble with Pororo for making the house messy and for scribbling on the floor. Crong had promised to help with the cleaning, but he’s being as lazy as ever. After cleaning diligently, Pororo goes to the bathroom. Just then, his friends come to visit. They see Crong holding a mop and think that Crong had done all the cleaning and they praise him. Crong feels good when he hears his friends unexpectedly call him a ‘Master Cleaner’. In order to keep getting praises, Crong cleans wherever he goes~ at Eddy’s house, at Loopy’s house, even at Poby’s house. But, he overexerts himself and soon becomes exhausted… What will become of Crong, the Master Cleaner? Episode 17: Our Own Superhero Story Pororo and Crong are really into reading a superhero picture book together when they suddenly decide to write their own superhero story. While creating the story, their friends join in one after the other and start taking part in the story with their own fantastical characters… What kind of superhero story will the friends make? Episode 18: Poby’s Good Luck Today is an unlucky day for Poby. He is the only one who doesn’t catch a fish during ice-fishing. And just as he’s about to win the sled race a clump of falling snow derails his victory. His friends try to cheer him up by suggesting a picnic at the ice cliff. But Poby’s bad luck isn’t over yet! Somehow only Poby’s cart on the train gets broken, and the boat that he was going to take instead floats away! While his friends happily ride the Tu-tu train to the picnic spot, Poby has to run by himself all the way to the ice cliff. Poor Poby~ However, is Poby’s bad luck changing? The Tu-tu train that the friends are on slips on some ice and is hanging perilously over the ice cliff. Just as Tu-tu and the friends are about to fall off the cliff, someone comes to save the day… Episode 19: Crong Goes Number Two Crong doesn’t eat vegetables and only eats meat. And when he has to go number two he waits and doesn’t go. So now he is constipated. Crong tries to go number two, but even though his stomach hurts he can’t seem to go and he’s in agony. To make matters worse, while jumping on Eddy’s trampoline invention, his stomach hurts even more. However, he doesn’t want to tell his friends, so he goes on a picnic with them without going to the bathroom. During the picnic, Crong is miserable because his stomach hurts. He can’t stand it any longer and farts in front of his friends. Crong rushes to the bathroom, but he still can’t go number two. In agony, Crong breaks into tears. Just then, the Poo-poo Fairy appears in front of Crong and tells him why he can’t go number two. Episode 20: Eddy’s Christmas Present With only a few days left before Christmas, Pororo and his friends are complimenting each other saying that they will all get a present from Santa. Listening to his friends, Eddy thinks he hasn’t done any nice deeds to deserve a present. Suddenly, he tells everyone that he has something to do and leaves. But after Eddy leaves, his friends mention all the nice things Eddy has done, and agree that he will also get a present from Santa. In order to get a present, Eddy decides that it’s never too late to do a good deed. So, he goes around the village trying to find his chance, but nothing arises. In the end, Eddy isn’t able to do anything. Thoughts of not getting a present prevent him from going to sleep. It just so happens, that Santa Claus’ sled breaks down next to Eddy’s house. Will Eddy get a Christmas present from Santa?

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