Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Toys Pups Rescue Animals in Adventure Bay!

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Best Learning Videos for Kids Paw Patrol Sea Patrol and Superhero PJ Mask Rescues Toy Movies for Fun! In this educational toy video for kids, we have two of our best and most popular Paw Patrol rescue learning videos! Let's help kids learn colors, teamwork, and problem solving! First up, the pups have new Sea Patrol boats! Let's learn colors by matching the Paw Patrol pups to their correct toy boat! Then we'll take kids on an underwater adventure with the new Paw Patrol toys! But what happens when Captain Turbot joins the fun and his submarine springs a leak? Can the Paw Patrol pups rescue Captain Turbot in time? Then, PJ Masks headquarters is under attack by Romeo's monster! The monster is too much for the PJ Masks to handle, so they call the Paw Patrol for help. Maybe the new superhero Paw Patrol pups have the powers needed to save the day and rescue the PJ Masks from the evil monster and to send Romeo to justice! Shop at our Store! Subscribe to Genevieve's Playhouse Here: Join us on Facebook for bonus footage and pics! Play this other learning videos for kids! Giant 1 Hour Long Paw Patrol Learning Videos: Educational Toy Car Videos for Kids: PJ Masks Toy Car Race: Genevieve Teaches Numbers with Cookie Monster: Learn Words with Pororo the Little Penguin Toy House: Laguna Blue and Pinkie Pie are Hungry: Learn Colors w Paw Patrol Underwater Rescue Mission: Peppa Pig gets a NEW House! Sound Effects by Music by.

Jack Jack and Ruthie put out fires in these funny kids skits featuring firefighter costumes and Bruder fire trucks. This is a compilation of some of our favorite pretend play videos from the last year. Subscribe to JackJackPlays for more family fun! Pretend Play playlist: Big Trucks playlist: Garbage Trucks playlist: Thomas & Trains playlist: Giant Surprise Eggs playlist: Description Videos featuring both old and new toys being played with and sometimes unboxed. The adventures of Jack Jack! About us: After witnessing first hand how much our kids enjoy live action playing and checking out toys on our Ipad, we decided it would be a fun family activity to put together a channel that puts our own touch on some of these vids. In front of the camera you will find Jack Jack and sometimes his sidekick dog, Molly May, and big sister Ruthie. We are making videos that showcase both new toys, and well-loved classics from our household. They are a mix of unboxing, toy reviews, parodies, and play time, both at home and outside at our favorite parks. Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Artist: You So Zany by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Artist.

Toy Learning Video for Kids with Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Vehicles! In this preschool learning video for kids, let's learn colors with new Paw Patrol Ultimate rescue toy vehicles. The Paw Patrol pups have new vehicles that need to be painted the correct color. Then join Skye, Marshall, Chase, and the gang to help rescue Peppa Pig! Shop at our Store! Subscribe to Genevieve's Playhouse Here: Play this other learning videos for kids! Giant 1 Hour Long Paw Patrol Learning Videos: Educational Toy Car Videos for Kids: PJ Masks Toy Car Race: Genevieve Teaches Numbers with Cookie Monster: Learn Words with Pororo the Little Penguin Toy House: Laguna Blue and Pinkie Pie are Hungry: Learn Colors w Paw Patrol Underwater Rescue Mission: Peppa Pig gets a NEW House.

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