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Сопоставление двух героев. Надеюсь, не было ^^". Watch in HD! Asdfghjkl, I love these two so much, both in the Norse mythology and the comics. They are just perfect. I really hope that Marvel cast Sigyn in any of the future movies with Loki, because that would just be ah-mazing! Claire Holt as Sigyn was inspired by Jules Pierce. I love Vampire Diaries even if I don't vid it, but I didn't see Rebekah as Sigyn before I saw these amazing videos, but now I think she's perfect, so thank you for that! I'm not completely satisfied with the result of this video to be honest, but I hope it's decent enough to watch haha. I'll probably make more Loki Sigyn videos in the future: ) I hope the storyline is clear, it's basically about how Sigyn stays loyal to her husband no matter what, and that Loki loves her deep inside. If you wonder anything just ask: ) Voiceovers: "I love you, will you please be my wife? " "We stick together as one, always and forever. " "But you still love him? " "We stick together as one. always, and forever. " "There is a lady sweet and kind, was face so pleas'd my mind. I know not why, yet will I love her till I die. ".

These are the movies tv shows I used: - Bourne Legacy - Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Haywire - 28 Weeks Later - the unusuals (tv show) - The Nanny Diaries - Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol - S. W. A. T. - The Island - A Good Day to Die Hard Music: Cleaning Apartment - Clint Mansell. All rights reserved to Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Make more money on your gaming content. Haven't uploaded anything in a while but I have been working on a lot of stuff. I also developed an Avengers MCU obsession and I just love Clintasha! They are so perfect: 3 I've also been experimenting with different styles of video. I like to change things up occasionally. Personally I feel that my editing is getting better, yay for me! Fandom: The Avengers MCU Character(s): Clint Barton Natasha Romanoff Song: Somebody To Die For - Hurts Thanks for watching: ) Like, Comment, Subscribe or not whatever. PS: I am to get another Ezra Aria video up at some point in the next week. It's finished just needs rendering.

Я знаю, есть еще пару версий, но я решила сделать свою. Фильм: Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012) Музыка: Джем - Скандинавка (Суд над Локи) Сиф в роли Сигюн Клинт Бартон в роли Нари. My part for Afragilestar´s Birthday MEP Cinderella always has been in love with Loki, and when he is imprisoned she tries to help him, but he is always too proud FULL MEP: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ►Footage: Thor 2, Cinderella 3 ►Song: Let go by Frou Frou. ". you're something beautiful; a contradiction. " How do I describe this video. Clint was Hansel and Jean was Muriel, when their past selves memories start returning, conflict arises. Terrible summery is terrible, but, I 'may' have gone to see H&G: WH again, and gotten this very weird idea (the constant describing that movie as Hawkeye vs. Jean Grey didn't help either. ) however I am pleased with the editing outcome even if the story got rather lost in translation. The story in a nutshell: * Clint starts having visions of Jean, but they aren't of Jean, rather of a monster that looks like her. At first, Clint thinks he's going insane, but when Jean's behavior becomes increasing erratic and finally she snaps, almost killing Clint, Professor X explains that Jean's 'witch Phoenix' personality was suppressed by him when she was young but the defensive walls eventually broke down and she became her alter-ego. The rest is pretty straight forward (I hope). It sounded a lot better in my head, believe me. I have no idea where Gretel or the rest of the X-Men are. No copyright infringement intended, all rights to their respective owners.

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