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See Mickey, Minnie, The Muppet Babies, and Fancy Nancy in your favorite Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes! Disney Junior Music presents all-new nursery rhymes with a magical Disney Junior makeover! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy are joined by favorite characters from Fancy Nancy, Puppy Dog Pals, Muppet Babies, Vampirina, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Goldie and Bear, and The Lion Guard! Click here to watch all of the Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes: Watch more Disney Junior on DisneyNOW! DisneyNow #nurseryrhymes #disneyjunior #live. Listen to this SUPER cute song from the brand new episode of Vampirina! In this music video Vee joins her local girl scouts group, the Woodchuck Woodsies. However, she is finding it tough so Poppy and Bridget sing her this fab tune to encourage her to try again and never give up! 🎶 Watch Vampirina on Disney Junior UK! Welcome to the official Disney Junior UK YouTube channel! Disney Junior is the place where magical storytelling comes to life. Watch clips and get ready to sing-a-long to songs from your little one’s favourite shows including Doc McStuffins, Sofia The First, The Lion Guard, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates, PJ Masks, Miles From Tomorrow, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Henry Hugglemonster, Sheriff Callie and Minnie’s Bow-Toons. Subscribe to get a new dose of DisneyJuniorUK fun every day! ► Watch more videos on DisneyJuniorUK! ► Official site: Like Disney Junior UK on Facebook: Follow @DisneyJuniorUK on Instagram: Follow @DisneyJuniorUK on Twitter: Meet Vampirina, the friendliest vampire in Pennsylvania! Inspired by Disney Publishing’s popular children’s book series “Vampirina Ballerina” by Anne Marie Pace, this is a heartwarming series about a little girl that learns to embrace her differences as that is what makes her unique. Vampirina (AKA Vee) Hauntley has just moved with her family from their spooktacular home in Transylvania to the sunny state of Pennsylvania to open a new scare B&B! Vee is the new kid in town and must learn to adapt to her new home and its human ways. At first, she tries to blend in and be like all the other human children but, with the help of her new-found best friends Bridget and Poppy, she realises that everyone is amazing just as they are and it’s our differences that make us so special! Not only is this fang-tastic series full of family, friends and fun, it also has a number of amazing songs like ‘Making Friends’ & ‘Transylvanian Surprise’ that will definitely have you up singing and dancing! Vampirina ‘Vee’ Hauntley (voiced by Isabella Crovetti) is a curious and upbeat little vampire who has just moved from Transylvania to a town full of humans! It is tough enough being the new kid but as she isn’t like all the other kids Vee finds it hard to fit in at first. Luckily, she has brought her sidekick gargoyle Gregoria, Demi the ghost and pet werewolf Wolfie from Transylvania to make her feel more at home! Oxana Hauntley (voiced by Lauren Graham) is Vee’s vampire mother, she is great at advising and helping her daughter as Vee adjusts to her new home. Although she moved her family to Pennsylvania, Oxana is now a little homesick, but she won’t let that get in the way of making her new Scare B&B a complete success! Boris Hauntley (voiced by James Van Der Beek ) is Vampirina’s father and unlike his wife and daughter has no problem switching to this new human life! In fact, he loves it so much that he is always on the hunt for new human trends he can share with his family. Gregoria (voiced by Wanda Sykes) is Vee’s gargoyle sidekick, although she is a little cranky she is very loyal and always knows how to cheer Vee up. Demi (voiced by Mitchell Whitfield) is another one of Vampirina’s friends from Transylvania, he is a friendly and playful ghost that can always make her laugh. Wolfie (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is Vee’s pet werewolf, he is so cute but be careful - DON’T feed him milk! Poppy (voiced by Jordan Alexa Davis) is Vee’s best friend and neighbor, together they love dancing, listening to music and playing with Vampirina’s Scream Girl dolls – Poppy’s favourite doll is Creepy Caroline! Bridget (voiced by ViviAnn Yee) is another one of Vee’s close friends, they love having sleepovers and playing games together. Their favorite is hide and seek! Edgar (voiced by Benji Risley) is Poppy’s filmmaker twin brother who loves anything creepy or spooky. Edna (voiced by Cree Summer) is Poppy and Edgar’s mother who is certain there is something suspicious about the Hauntley family. Nanpire (voiced by Patti LuPone) and Grandpops (voiced by Brian Stokes Mitchell) are Vee’s grandparents. They live back in Transylvania and miss their little Scream-cakes very much, but their regular video bat-chats keep them in the loop.

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