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In this video, Paw Patrol Skye & Chase Get New Dog Carriers Playset. Hey Little Earthlings! Marty the Martian plays with Chase and Skye in the new Dog Carrier. ⭐️ More Videos ➡ 💙💚💛 Make sure you Subscribe ➡ Watch Our Other Videos for Kids 👍 Learn Colors with Paw Patrol Cupcakes Sprinkles & Icing Paw Patrol Let's Go Fishing with Color Fish Toys Matching Paw Patrol Skye & Chase Block Wrong Head Legos Paw Patrol Skye, Chase, Shimmer & Shine Bubbles Bath Time Vampirina Doll House with Paw Patrol Surprises Paw Patrol Skye & Chase Takes Candy Gumball Bath in Tub Matching Paw Patrol Block Head Duplo Legos Paw Patrol Mission Rescue from Luna Girl & PJ Masks Trolls Poppy High Chair & Cookies and Milk With Paw Patrol Paw Patrol Skye Gets Ouchie With Doc McStuffins To Rescue ❗️❗️PARENTS of babies, toddlers, children with Autism or Asperger's, children with delayed speech and other learning disabilities, and children learning English as a second language (ESL): We have videos with fun surprises for all kids on the planet! Our Fun Kids Planet YouTube Channel uses fun and educational videos to help your child improve Counting, Colors, the Alphabet, Shapes, and More! Fun Kids Planet will entertain AND educate your child for hours while they learn colors, nursery rhymes, shapes, the alphabet, and much more! Make sure you Subscribe ➡ #Kids #KidsVideoForKids.

watching us make Chase from Paw Patrol and guess which bone (red or blue) has Goldie's treasure inside and win surprise toys! Be our friend and subscribe here: Treasure Chest Surprise Toys Playlists: Disney Pixar Cars 3 Movie Toys and Games Playlist: Hatchimals Collectibles, Colleggtibles, Games and Videos Playlist: KIDS GAMES - Spinning Wheel Games with Surprise Toys: Paw Patrol Toys Videos for Kids: Shimmer and Shine Toys, Dolls and Videos. PAW PATROL Bath Time Fingerpaint Activity with Bubbles, Paddlin' Pups & Toy Surprise Toys Unlimited Like, comment, share! Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel for support and that way you can find us faster and be the first to see all our future videos! To subscribe, click here: Find us on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: DREAM BIG, WORK HARD KID: ) BACKGROUND MUSIC: BUDDY from bensound.

Giant Smash Surprise Presents with Paw Patrol, Rusty Rivets, and PJ Masks with Ryan ToysReview! It's Ryan vs Mommy to see who can find the most surprise toys! If you're not lucky, you'll get a lump of coal! There are lots of kids toys like Spongebob, Blaze and the Monster Machine, Ninja Turtle, Shimmer and Shine and more! Best Baby Learning Video Compilation for Kids - Fun Preschool Educational Toys Movie for Toddlers! In this learning video for babies and kids, we've got some of our best and most-recent toy learning videos! 0: 00 - Teach Colors with Paw Patrol Cupcakes with Sprinkles and Icing 13: 19 - Learn Numbers and Colors with Pororo the Little Penguin School Bus and Genevieve 19: 56 - Cute Toddler Genevieve Teaches Colors with Tomica Toy Cars 24: 34 - Three Preschool Educational Pop-Up Toys - Sesame Street, Toy Cars, and Dinosaur Eggs 32: 38 - Tomica Toy Car Race Track Teaches Kids Colors 42: 59 - Learn Vehicle Names and Sorting with Melissa and Doug Jumbo Wooden Toy cars Subscribe to Genevieve's Playhouse Here: Join us on Facebook for bonus footage and pics! Here are some of our other fun kid & toddler learning videos by Genevieve's Playhouse: Ball Pounding Bench Preschool Toys for Toddlers: Toddler, Genevieve, teaches Kids Alphabet: Cool Nesting Toy Cars for Kids: Fun Marble Mazes for Kids: Car Carrying Truck for Kids: Friendly Honey Bees Preschool Toy for Toddlers: Fun Peg Pounding Bench Toy for Kids: GIANT Best Marble Maze for Kids: Follow us on Instagram: Sound Effects by Music by Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Source: Artist.

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