Learn and Match Numbers with Paw Patrol Toys, Wooden Block Cars, and Kinetic Sand!

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Learn to identify numbers and match numbers with Paw Patrol Toys, Kinetic Sand, and Wooden Block Cars! Each Paw Patrol Pup is matched with a wooden Block car with a number that matches theirs! Match the number and watch the car get transformed in Kinetic Sand into a Cool Paw Patrol Vehicle! This is a fun toy skit for toddlers to help them learn to identify and read numbers! This video features toys from Nick Jr's Paw Patrol, Melissa and Doug Nesting Car Garage, and Kinetic Sand! Learn Colors and Numbers with Melissa and Doug Wooden Toy Cars and Nesting Buildings! Match each Wooden Car with the Correct Colored Ice Cream and watch the cars transform into Paw Patrol Toys and Other Disney Jr. Toys! This is a fun video to help young children identify and learn colors and numbers! Let's learn letters and colors by matching Spiderman and Avengers toys and pretend play by transforming toys and preschool letter blocks. We transform toys (Spider-man and Avengers like Captain America) into wooden block letters. The letters are the first letter in each superhero's name. We then play a matching game with the letter and each Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Mech Armor suit. When the toys do not match, an "X" symbol and "WRONG" sound is played. When the toys match, we show a check mark symbol and a "RIGHT" or "Correct" sound. Each marvel mech toy's door opens and each letter is then transformed into matching hero figure, inside each Marvel Mech armor toy. Finally, we pretend transform the hero figures using a spinner. Each Super Hero figure transforms to a matching Metals Marvel toy. This video for toddlers presents a fun way for kids to be introduced to matching, colors, and letters (lower case toy block letters).

Learn shapes and colors as we transform Paw Patrol toys using Surprise Bag, showing "Wrong" and "Right" through matching, and pretend play! A Chase, Skye, Marshall, and Zuma Sea Patrol toy is transformed to a preschool shape toy (Heart, Triangle, Oval, Diamond), which is placed into a matching bag based on the color of the shape toy. When a shape is placed over a bag that doesn't match, the "Wrong" sound and symbol is shown to the viewer. When the color of the shape matches the bag, a "Right" sound effect is played with the "right" symbol (a check mark). This is a fun video for toddlers learning about matching, sorting, and the names of various shapes, and kids who love Paw Patrol and their toys. Learn colors by transforming Paw Patrol toys into color candy balls, and transform the gumballs into toy figures using a pretend garage toy playset for toddlers. We play the “Wrong” and “Right” game for toddlers by placing the gumballs next to a number. If the number does not match the number of candy, a “wrong” sound and symbol is played. When the candy and digit matches, you will hear a “right” sound and symbol. We first use pretend magic to transform Paw Patrol mashems for Chase, Rubble, Rocky, and Marshall into different number gumballs. We then play the Wrong toy game until we reach the Right door. The gumballs are placed inside the garage toy, where they turn into various Paw Patrol figures including: Sea Patrol, Pirate Pups, Mission Paw, Mission Quest Knight Pups, Ionix Block Toy, and Super Pups figures for Chase, Marshall, Rocky, and Rubble. This is a fun video for toddlers who love Paw Patrol episodes and toy videos and are being introduced to numbers, including identifying without counting, and learning how to read numbers. - Audio Credits: Attribution.