Learn Colors with Fun Oddbods Toys, Playsets, and Colorful Popsicle Sticks!

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Learn colors with all new Oddbod Toys and Playsets and colorful Popsicle sticks! Join Fuse, Jeff, Slick, Pogo, and Bubbles as they play with their new Funny Maker Surprise Toys, and the Funny Maker Canon Play sets! Bubbles races onto to the scene in his new Crash Derby Car and brings five different Popsicle sticks with him! Each Popsicle stick's color matches one of the Oddbods! Match the correct colors and watch them get launched into the air and into a pool of colorful gumballs! This is a fun skit featuring new Oddbods toys that will help viewers learn colors, how to spell the colors, and match and identify colors! Paw Patrol's Marshall has a brand new fire truck! The Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Ultimate Fire Truck is here and Marshall is excited to test it out! Once we finally open the Fire Truck, Marshall takes it for a spin and is called in to help put out a fire! He fires water from The Ultimate Truck's Water Canon and saves the Tree! Marshall then gets a call to help out put out more fires! He finds five different Balls on fire! As he puts out each fire with the water canon, the balls transform into the other Paw Patrol Pups! The Yellow Ball Transforms into Rubble! The Pink Balls turns into Skye! The Green Ball is Rocky! The Blue Ball is Chase! And finally, the Orange ball transforms into Zuma! This is a fun toy skit featuring all new toys from the Ultimate Rescue line from Nick Jr's Paw Patrol and help children and those new to the English language learn to identify colors!

Let's learn letters of Vampirina character names by transforming toys into ABC blocks, and pretend play with Vee and her family and friends inside the Hauntley's haunted scare B&B house playset! Kids learning their letters will enjoying identifying or learning the letters W, P, V, O, and B and seeing fun toy figures from Disney Junior's Vampirin: Vee, Boris and Oxana Hauntley, Wolfie, and Poppy! We use the toys to pretend Vampirina's batties and super speed, and show the cool haunted house toy! Learn and Combine Colors with Candy Gumballs and Toys from Paw Patrol! Learn the colors Red, Blue, and Yellow, and combine those colors to make different ones! Red and Yellow Makes Orange. Blue and Yellow makes Green! And finally, Red and White makes Pink! Each of these colors match the color of one of the Paw Patrol Pups! Once you learn and combine the gumballs to make colors, watch the Gumballs transform into a Paw Patrol Vehicle! As each vehicles approach the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower, the Pup that matches the colored vehicle slides down! This is a fun skit to help young children, toddlers, and those who are new to the English language learn, identify, and figure out how to create different colors in a fun way using candy and Nick Jr's Paw Patrol Toys!

Learn Letters and Sizes with The Avengers Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, and Falcon! Each character has four different toys and transform from a very small toys like a Hot Wheel or Tsum Tsum, to a very large toy! This is a fun skit that helps young children identify letters, and learn different sizes in a fun and creative way! This skit features toys from The Disney Marvel Tsum Tsum collection, Avengers Hot Wheels, Playskool Superheroes Toys, and Action Figures from Marvel Avengers! PJ Masks are out trick or treating on Halloween! They stop by the Vampirina's Scare Bed and Breakfast for some Candy! Vampirina gives them delicious candy corn but Catboy, Owelette, and Gekko have to earn it by finding and identifying different shapes hidden by Vampirina! Learn 9 different shapes in this fun skit for young learners and fans of PJ Masks and Vampirina!